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Would you be interested in the Society doing something like this in future?

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I received this from another company.

I’d love to see the Society do things like this in the future once things are back to normal given the special and long-term relationships it has - although perhaps at a less grand level! :medal_sports: :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal:

What place would you recommend for their first trips? I think I’d start with suggesting a week in Greece along with the buyer visiting a few special growers and vineyards…

Dear Jonathan,

A unique opportunity has been created to celebrate the Bicentenary of the famous Château Montrose in St Estèphe, which was created in 1815. You and your three guests will be invited to stay for a night at the chateau, treated to a tour, tasting and a superb dinner hosted by a senior member of the Château team.

In addition, you will get an immaculately presented case containing three specially created and most unusual large format 2-litre bottles, representing the Bicentenary vintage of 2015, and the remarkable vintage on either side.

The case is a polished cabinet containing the wine along with all the accoutrements you might need after a fine dinner - cigar humidor, playing cards, backgammon, casino chips, dice…

Château Montrose is one of the second growth estates, situated in the south of St Estèphe. Recently under new ownership, Montrose is going from strength to strength. Hervé Berland, formerly of Mouton Rothschild, has recently taken charge, and serious investment has been made in the winery. The family have chosen this trilogy of wines to represent the best of Montrose for its Bicentenary.

The Bicentenary Château Montrose VIP Experience and Presentation Case includes

  • a VIP overnight stay, tour and dinner for four
  • presentation case containing a 2-litre bottle each of the 2014, 2015 & 2016 vintage ,
    books, and various after-dinner entertainments (only a very few cases have been made).

We suspect that the prospect of entertaining your friends at the chateau may be an inducement in itself, with the rare large formats an added bonus for the future!

The Bicentenary Château Montrose VIP Experience and Presentation Case


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Outrageous and hilarious all at once :rofl:


I know Leah… I’d need to find a few more coins down the back of the sofa before I could pop that into a weekend away!

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We could charter a plane and a bunch of us could go!

Oh, but is that the price the price for four people?


I think I’ve actually mastered… Gifs! Just in time too :grinning:


Great idea in principle and all these type of trips can be as expensive or as cheap as you want to make them.
Just as an example, last year I went with WineGB to the Loire for 3 nights. Stayed in a decent hotel in Saumur, visited six growers, had great tours and tastings and went to the Loire Valley institute for vines and wines. Spent whole morning there learning about the research the institute was carrying out on global warming effects on Sauvignon Blanc, leaf roll virus and how it attacks Chenin blanc plus developments on using insects to stop some forms of pests attacking vines. I learned a huge amount about the Loire. Also met some really nice people with whom I have stayed in touch.
But like all these trips it very much depends on what you want out of them. I appreciate some may not be interested in the viticulture technical stuff.
The whole trip was not that expensive about £600 as I recall plus food.
So on balance I would be in favour but not for an 11 grand jolly at some swanky Bordeaux chateau.


Personally I wouldn’t want the society to do something like this. They aren’t a travel company, there are many travel companies out there that specialise on wine trips.

Better to focus on what they do best rather than venture into a different industry, albeit related. There are some many costs and risks associated with something like this unfortunately.


Heart says “Hell Yes!”

Brain says “Go on!”

Bank Manager says “NO!”

It’s an interesting idea but I feel the Society’s expertise lies in sourcing wine rather than travel deals. If it were to ever encroach into the field of wine travel maybe tours of areas with the wine buyers would be a better approach.

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I know it’s not the same, but very occasionally the Society picks at random members who introduced other members to the WS, and sends them on a lucky trip with one of the buyers. I think the last one was a trip with Marcel. It sounded amazing!

I believe @EdMcK was one of the lucky ones…

See here:


I’m going to be slightly a grump here and say that maybe by mid tour I might gladly pay that sort of money not to be on the tour, depending on the company one is in… One could end up with lovely people who’ve saved hard for that sort of thing, or the most dreadful people who go from one thing to the next, always grumbling… I remember someone talking of their experiences of doing talks on posh cruises…


I think the opportunity would be for TWS to partner with a provider who specialises in this type of tourism (thinking of focus on core competencies) and achieve discounts for members based on their size and reputation. TWS could ask some of their suppliers to offer visits as part of the partnership thus allowing suppliers exposure to member groups and continuing the theme of developing that member/supplier relationship. All that said, I am more thinking of 600 for 3/4 days and not 11200, which, like first and second growth claret, is well out of my league.


I know this is not typical of ALL Bordeaux producers, drinkers or merchants, but this is one of a number of reasons why I drink Greek wines, and many others, in preference to Bordeaux. The image projected is just so toe-curlingly awful. It may be a successful marketing strategy for them, but it is clearly not for the likes of me. I don’t even aspire to such things - I will always find better ways to spend my money. So I am out.

PS I also don’t particularly like the taste profile of Claret. But even I like good quality mature ones when I get the opportunity


The thing is, even if you saved hard to do that sort of thing, there have to be better and more memorable ways to spend that much money than getting a single night at a Bordeaux Château, even with a meal, some wine in a polished case, and a tour. The only explanation is that it’s priced to keep out anyone who even has to think about how much they’re spending. So I definitely wouldn’t want to do it!


That reminds me of being a guest, about 15 years ago, at the Hotel Romazzini on the Costa Smeralda, fortunately by invitation. Beautiful hotel and place but I remember being horrified to discover that the price of a coke (drink!) in the bar was €20. I asked one of the hotel sales staff about it and the answer was that it was priced to keep people out.


I was lucky enough to go with Sebastian to Tuscany a few years back; went to Fontodi, Isole e Olena, Canalicchio di Sopra, Felsina, Gianni Brunelli and Brolio amongs others

it was superb. A real once in a life time visit


I can imagine! :wine_glass::+1:

It’s still less than half the price of a Henry Tuke Champagne sabre.

Which come to think of it is probably aimed at the same market.


I once had a work conference for 4 days at the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, equally a bottle of water from the room minibar was £10 and they wanted £30 to iron a dress ! I asked them to just leave the iron ! :see_no_evil:
Their ballroom however was spectacular!


This is an interesting thread. It got me thinking of lovely culinary and outdoor experiences on the cheap - like a bike trip up the West Coast of Scotland stopping off at a place called the Fish Restaurant where we asked where the langoustines came from.
“Over there” they pointed, to an island about a quarter of a mile away.
In all that holiday probably cost us a few hundred. And terrific food.

So - thinking about the outrageously expensive to the cosily cheap - how low could you go? I’m thinking of those of us with more slender means, or who just don’t find themselves at home in that millieu. And there’s nothing like a mix of a humblebum bike packing/hiking/camping and getting one’s self neatened up and eating a lovely meal with lovely wine in the evening.

Suggestions please!


Count me in for a cycling or hiking plus food and wine experiences.

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