Worries over long term storage?

Looks like some people have had trouble getting their wines, and then being messed around a little when trying to get appropriate compensation. Anyone here had that?

I was surprised nobody had flagged anything here already, it certainly raises some questions.

It has come up a couple of times, but I’ve only seen possibly 2 mentions in the 6 years I’ve been using the Community. Obviously this doesn’t mean anything in terms of how often it happens overall, but from the previous discussions it does seem to be pretty rare, and seemed to get sorted eventually when it did.

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The interesting one to me was Nick’s suggestion that his 2012 base Heidsieck NV turning out to be 2015 when delivered.

That would be annoying! Seem to remember there being a discussion previously about TWS NV fizz, how this was stored in reserves, and how you would know if what you were getting were the specific bottling you had stored in X year, but can’t remember where this ended up.

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