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Worldwide wonders vs discovery

We’ve used WWF for years to provide us with a decent cellar that we top up with other interesting bottles. I’m thinking about switching up from the Discovery delivery to the Worldwide Wonders delivery, and wondered, ahem, if it was really all that wonderful?

Has anyone else here tried both and if so what was your impression of the difference?



Hi @urbanscrawl,

Sorry, I’ve not subscribed to any WWF plan, so can’t speak from experience. However, looking at the plans, the difference is an increase from around £8 per bottle to £10 per bottle on average.

Looking at a recent Decanter info-graphic about what you are paying for in a bottle of wine, you are getting almost twice as much value if wine when you go from £7.50 to £10.

Not only this, but the jump in bottle price will significantly increase the choice available (currently 166 wines under £8 on TWS website and another 200 odd between £8 and £10) to whoever puts these selections together so you will not only end up with a better quality bottle, but also a more varied selection.

If you’ve got the funds, looks like a good decision (speaking from ignorance, of course).


You should certainly get a fair bit more for 10 quid a bottle than you get for 8.


I’m going to do it! Have emailed them already - in fact part of me wonders whether or not there should also be a higher tier, pitched at say 140 - but going beyond only the French wine that that tier seems to be focused upon.

Thanks all.