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#worldcupofgrapes happening on our Twitter feed until 14th June


in 2012 Richard Osman set up his #worldcupofcrisps competition, run along the lines of a football world cup but with followers voting for their favourite crunchy snacks to decide on the winners.

I’ve started up a #worldcupofgrapes on our Twitter feed. Group A has been decided, Group B is being voted on right now, and we’ll be having a round of voting through each group and then a knockout stage - the final will be held on the opening day of the FIFA World Cup itself.

For a bit of fun, follow the #worldcupofgrapes hashtag and join in the conversation, or click below to take part.


So how did grapes qualify for the competition, and how does the #theworldcupofgrapes work?

First, we ranked the grape varieties by how often they appear in the wines currently listed at The Society.

Then we matched these with the current FIFA world rankings (e.g. 1 = chardonnay / Germany; 13 = carignan (mazuelo) / England; 47 = montepulciano / Nigeria), and substituted the grape for where the country appeared in last December’s draw for the FIFA World Cup.


  • Each group has its own poll, open for 24 hours.
  • The winning and second place grapes in each group go through to the knockout stage (so as it stands at the moment, mourvèdre will play the runner-up from group B in the last 16, and verdicchio awaits the winner of group B).
  • The knock-out rounds consist of straight head-to-head polls.

Group B has already been dubbed ‘the Group of Death’, but there are a few difficult choices to make in later groups too!

Some exasperation about choices to be made is already becoming apparent - we love a bit of footie banter! #bantz

Enjoy the competition as it unfolds, and don’t get too annoyed if your grape doesn’t win …


I’ve voted in both rounds - my choice was a winner in Group A and I think we’re also ahead in group B.

Just call me Paul the Octopus (or something)


er - didn’t Paul the Psychic Octopus cark it just before the finals?

You may want to revise your identity before too long, Robert!


Yes, exactly the same here… should have voted kékfrankos in Group A

If Riesling beats Cab Sav, that will be cause for celebration…


could be prophetic :wink:


Great fun. Go Riesling!!!


Interesting graphic format - maybe @Ewan can be ‘inspired’ to do something similar for the grapes?



It’s already been done -

Alan Partridge explains the World Cup -

(1994, but the “Soccermeter” looks suspiciously similar).


Er … well, that’s interesting … maybe … er … NO!!


Things are hotting up over at #worldcupofgrapes - Group H, the final group, is the most tightly contested so far. Only two to go through to the last 16 (which begins today!) Go to our Twitter feed to take part. Details of the full last 16 will appear here later.


She says, knowing there’s no way it will catch up… :see_no_evil:


If malbec beats albarino and gamay i’ll be distraught.


I went for Albarino hoping it would sneak second place, thinking Gamay might be in with a chance of beating Malbec to top the group. Sadly not. Gamay will be sadly missed in the last 16.

Spare a though for poor old Grechetto… :cry:


The last 16 of #worldcupofgrapes looks like this

  • sangiovese v pinot gris
  • mourvèdre v cabernet sauvignon
  • riesling v verdicchio
  • syrah v sauvignon blanc
  • pinot noir v nebbiolo
  • merlot v albariño
  • chardonnay v grenache
  • malbec v carignan

Some will be interesting to watch, others we may think a foregone conclusion, but you never know! Keep watching and voting …


Nebbiolo has a terrible away record.


That’s a brutal draw for Nebbiolo :cry:


It’s all very well having Cannubi as your star striker, but when you’re up against a midfield pairing like Gevrey and Chambolle it’s hard to get anywhere.


Well I guess it all depends whether Pinot Noir decides to turn up on the day. Their performance has been all over the place recently, often Chambolle-ic…


I think they’ve Corton to the fact that they need to organise their defence better.