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World wide wine events


I am regularly surprised that wine marketing types and/or tourist offices do not make more effort to attract attention to local wine-related happenings.

To that end, here are some Burgundy-related events/dates that anyone could use as an excuse - if it were needed - to drink the best wine in the world (IMO).

16 November 2017 - Beaujolais Nouveau

17-20 November 2017 - Les Trois Glorieuses

27 Jan 2018 - St Vincent (patron saint of wine, top chap) which next year is at Prissé (so the affordable end of the Burgundy spectrum)

3-4 Feb 2018 - La Percée At Etoile (I think) [BTW not enough Jura wine available in the UK]


Absolutely no excuse required… Pass the bottle please.


We’re trying … :slight_smile:


Most good wine merchants now will stock wines from the Jura , even Lidl recently included a cremant and Chardonnay in their range . Also the hospice de Beaune weekend is a great event and well attended . I believe @Nowt_in_my_glass is contemplating a visit soon??


I wish @Leah! I’m currently in full flow of wine tasting weekends - 3 major tastings in 3 weekends! I’m trying to convince the girlfriend to do a wine-related holiday in 2018 but I think the current decider is between Alsace and burgundy, so it’s a win-win either way, but i’m hoping to pip it towards Beaune! I also tried that very Cremant! Where is on your list for 2018?


And in Beaune you are only 1 hour away from Arbois or Poligny and La Sergenterie restaurant where they will serve you as much Vin Jaune as you can drink.


Just looked at Berry Brothers who I reckon are a good wine merchant - two bottles of vin Jaune only.

Whatever, there’s not that much Jura in the UK - more please.

I did venture inside LIdl to buy two bottles of Clervigny Cotes du Jura; took one of them back.


You’ll be all wined out by Christmas with that tasting line up :joy:…! You are attending the decanter one aren’t you? Have you selected any master classes ?
2018 destinations have yet to be decided here. Alsace is up there but also would love to get back to Champagne and Bordeaux…! We’ll see what happens. Hoping for a trip down under this time next year too as my twin brother lives in Perth ! I can hear the Margaret river and Frankland calling .:+1:


Great strategy…shift family to wine regions! Genius :wink: one was decanter, one from the wine gang and one from a local merchant and hotel du vin. They’re all good but nothing as well organised as tws with the route and more condensed selection. Ooooo interesting choice…i guess the bordeaux weather would be a bit warmer! Do you pick on the wines or the place mainly?


Oops - missed this one! One of my fave sparkling wines. Loving non-dosage!