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World Malbec day


So apparently today is World Malbec day… who knew?? If theres ever been a good reason on a Tuesday in the middle of April to crack open a decent Malbec… well today it is.
From the recent press tastings these two were really great,

and of course this…

Both Argentinian but wondered if anyone had tasted any others which you think are worth “adding”?
I haven’t had the chance to taste the Piletas or any of the Cahors Malbecs yet.


Although a blend, this was also a fruity and welcome wine.


@Leah I knew! So had this from Sainsbury’s


It had lots of bramble and cherry fruit.
Any excuse for drinking a Malbec on a Tuesday :grinning:


I’m less decided on malbec these days. I either have higher expectations or the style is moving away from my preferences, however, this is a decent drop tonight


Btw, looks like Sainsbury’s need to sort out their web database and page naming!



Yes it looks really scruffy


to be fair https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/gb/groceries/sainsburys-premium-malbec--taste-the-difference-75cl still works

Not great, but better.


This is the one I have at home right now, but shall wait for next year to open…

I had a bottle a month or so ago, it is delicious.


I’m still deciding when to have mine delivered, really looking forward to it though.

I’m kind of expecting it to be somewhere between a Viña Tondonia, a Musar and an aged tawny Port (well, without the sweetness).


I think you’re right , Malbec is becoming far more diverse than it was even 6 years ago … it’s almost like Chardonnay with climate, winemaking and terroir playing a big part in how it’s moving forward !
I still buy the traditional Dona Paula Malbecs but am loving some of the newer ones as well , although granted, very different .


Joining the celebrations…


2015 Malbec :wine_glass:


Had a lovely french Cot from the Pyrenees - somehow they seem better value than some of the top Argentinian wines these days!


I drink a lot of different Malbecs, but that one is so reliable and for the price excellent.


You are starting to see more of the high altitude Malbecs on the shelves, giving a fresher juicier take on the grape, and the more southern Patagonian vineyards are coming on stream, Zuccardi do more than one in those sectors and they are good and the Vinalba Patagonian Malbec also , if you can find it.