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Withdrawal restrictions


Reading yesterdays Coronavirus Update from the Society, it would appear that for the time being, only full cases can now be withdrawn from Reserves. This being a labour intensive task and given that Man/Woman Power will be at a premium.
Do I like it, of course not.
Do I understand why it has happened, well yes.


Thank you for your understanding, @Taffy-on-Tour!


I got a fair sized withdrawal request made recently so hope that is processed OK. Have looked to consolidate with a couple of orders and have delivered next Thursday so hopefully additional government measures do not limit deliveries in London (although I think they may well).

Understandable move considering the current situation. Hope all at TWS are doing well.


Everyone here is pulling together to make sure members get the wines they are after, we are doing our best to keep everyone happy.


One potential “fly in the ointment” occurs to me.
If I buy any case of wine from today onwards and place it in reserves, I have no idea of when I might be able to avail myself of bottles unless I get the entire case delivered to my home. I imagine that this will cause members not to buy in case quantities or at least give the ones they purchase and store, to wave a fond farewell for the foreseeable future.
Being a tad proactive might it be an idea to give each member one free withdrawable request per 6 months (pessimistic or what!!) to use, spreading out the Society’s warehousing resources, and for mega-urgent requests a £25 per case charge.
Just a series of ideas that you may feel free to shoot down, amend or discount as arrant tripe!! lol