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Withdrawal of TWS Android app

The Google Play store update of the TWS app today states “We have withdrawn this app”. No further explanation. What is happening? I used the app today to order wine for the first time using this method and now after the ‘update’ the app has gone. I didn’t know I was that good at breaking things!

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That must’ve been quite an order!!


Yep I was surprised to see the update come through so opened it, then saw the discontinued. I don’t have the link to hand, but I know TWS has been upfront saying they were focusing on the website rather than the app. Presumably by pulling it, they then don’t have to support updates etc.

I find the website works quite well on mobile so stopped using the app ages ago.

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Yes, apart from ordering, which is just fine on mobile Web, the app was next to useless. Glad to see it being dropped finally.

Found the app to be cumbersome and not at all intuitive… web site works fine. It will be no great loss to me either.

Yeah I agree there … tbh the checkout process on any device is about 6 steps longer than needed :roll_eyes:

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Hi - happy to confirm you didn’t break it! But apologies for any inconvenience. If you only used it recently then it may well be that you just missed being put in the list for the email we sent out last Friday to members who’d purchased from the app in the last 18 months, and which explains the reasoning (though I note that others have already summed it up elsewhere in this thread!). Here’s the text:

After much deliberation, we’ve made a difficult decision and decided to withdraw our Android app from 7th August.

Our website is designed to work smoothly on mobile devices, and offers a much wider range of features and options than the app. As such, we recommend using thewinesociety.com for future orders and deleting the app from your device. We hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience and that you’ll continue to enjoy what we offer via our site.

Why is the app being withdrawn?
Although we know this will disappoint some members, the current app falls below the level of service that people rightly expect from The Wine Society. For some time now we have been unhappy with the levels and the consistency of performance it offers. We also know that we haven’t been alone in this: a number of members have left reviews and provided feedback to that effect too.

Will you replace it with a new app?
We’re reviewing our overall approach to mobile – including apps – right now. At this stage it’s too early to share any future plans, but we will do so as soon as we possibly can.

In the meantime, please accept our apologies and thank you for your continued support.


Is the iPhone app being withdrawn as well?

As far as I’m aware the iPhone app is being kept for the time being until conclusion of the review mentioned above.


I am very experienced at breaking things, but always very careful with any receptacle containing alcohol of the drinking variety!

Ironic though, that the first time I used the app to buy booze was the day TWS withdrew the Android version so thanks for the explanation which I was unaware of.

As suggested, I will use the mobile compatible site ww.thewinesociety.com for future orders. Talking of which, anyone got a ‘must try’ Spanish wine for an upcoming tasting by my local imbibers group?

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Depends on your budget I guess, but how about:


Ardanza top stuff imo. The 2008 is available and lovely but 2009 is a higher rated vintage. Either will be super.

Lots of talk about garnacha lately, and this is a good one.