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New website - but what’s happened to my wish list?

The old baskets and wishlists were cleared when the new website came online - I think there was an email to give a few days notice. TWS will email you across a PDF of your old wishlist at some point so you can re-add everything… I imagine that this email is delayed as they allow the new site to bed in and fix the glitches.


I’m going to take it as an opportunity to really look at the 190 wines that were on there previously, decide to keep them all and add another 30 or so that weren’t on previously!


As the email is already delayed, can we put in a plea that it NOT be a pdf? Much easier to copy and past from another format.

(If you forgive a smug comment: I saved as much as possible from My Account in word…)


Member services may be able to arrange that for you - though equally my memory may be playing tricks and they simply said they would “email” and I’ve added “PDF”.

Honest question James, what are 190 wines doing on a wish list? Are you intending to buy them all? I thought a wish list was around 5-10 wines that would feature in a future purchase! Shows you how much I know!

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“If you think big your world will be big”. (P. Coelho)


I do similar (though not with quite such a big list), then, when I come to place an order, I’ll go through deciding which ones interest me most. Then I let the natural attrition of “out of stock” gradually trim the list back! Most of my wish list comprises wines I hear about on these pages that sound interesting, but if I bought every one that did so I’d end up living in a tent with a house full of wine!

Sadly one key aspect of this approach is the private member’s note that I apply to each of these wines telling me what attracted it to me. And of course that was one of the things currently gone AWOL in the new site!

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Yes, that is what I used the private notes for, either X recommended it or Tried a bottle and liked. Not clear why these are no longer possible, although a direct link from the wishlist to a
comments function would be even better.

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Yes, I wasn’t too keen on the original mechanism as it was too easy to forget to untick the ‘public’ tick box. On one occasion I did this leaving a public ‘review’ that @someone had recommended it. And had to get MS to remove it for me as there was no way for me to edit or delete a ‘review’ once created.

I’d love to order them all. Unfortunately I am rather covetous and cast my net wide over TWS range. I probably hit ‘Add to Wishlist’ far too easily, but I’m never short of inspiration when considering what to order. Special occasion / date wines; intentions to explore more deeply into certain regions / vintages; any wine that catches my eye from particular offers / frequent trawls through the general list. Pretty much anything from anywhere can make it on there, but my aspirations far exceed my budget.

What I would say is that the previous iteration of the Wishlist was so cumbersome, I never removed an item, even when it was out of stock/gone forever, because it was such a ballache. At least they’ll never be re-added. It was also frustrating because it was impossible to filter or search easily.