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Wishlist wallflowers


The wishlist is a spiritual monument to the insatiable curiosity of TWS members who literally want to drink everything and it is seemingly a list that never shrinks.

I’ve been fortunate enough to clear a good few I’ve added recently but i finally got round to actually buying a wine that had been on the wishlist for what i think is TWO YEARS! (Or seems like it)

We all put wines which we are curious about, impulsively add, crave or ambitiously add in the hope we come into some money…

So is there a wine on your wishlist which is seemingly destined to be there forever and can a member convince you to buy it?

Here’s mine (now purchased)…i always bought white burgundy instead or thought well it’s just another chardonnay but after some of the latin gems I’ve had of late i put my trust in crossing the line!


I have had this for a while, it is a miracle that it is still available… I think I just need that final push.


Well by association, if PL’s shiraz is anything to go by I’m sorely tempted. I had a beautiful PL shiraz at the wset course with amazing black fruit, coconutty oak and it was so powerful…and i normally steer well clear of that style. What’s your reason it’s always glossed over?


There is so much else to be had, I guess this bottle got unlucky… There must be some unconscious reason though, potentially the waxy descriptor…


It does sound fascinating though.


We liked this wine a lot:



I like this thread. This means I’m surely not the only one who has to go through the wishlist every now and again to delete the bottles that have been there so long that they’re out of stock, and replace them with the new vintage of the same.



Having only joined TWS last month, I am yet to face this dilemma :blush: having said that, there are already nearly 100 bottles on my wish list, so I’m sure it won’t be long…


On the flip side, I saw a bottle of calvados on my wishlist recently and went to look at it only to discover that I’d already bought it. I have no recollection or clue where it is. Time to go on a hunt.


Haha we’ve all been there, though not necessarily with calvados. Tbf it could’ve been worse…advocaat or something!


Great topic for a thread. Mine is this bottle of sherry - it’s so long ago that I added it o my wish list I can’t remember why. When it comes to actually making a purchase I always prefer spending my cash on other wines and never on sherries. Has anyone tasted it recently? The latest member reviews are from a few years ago.


I have last Christmas on the advice of @Richard and was not disappointed. It is a great wine IMHO.


This is on my Wishlist too, probably because it was mentioned here recently (I always forget why I add things). I’m not ready to buy any at the moment but, on the basis of these recommendations, I’ll be leaving it there for now!


Usually 80 or so wines on my list. Oldest one https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/productdetail.aspx?section=pd&pd=MA391
There since a trip to Madeira perhaps 5 years ago. Of the styles tasted at Blandys, this was my other half’s favourite. I have found the ‘My Notes’ option a useful way to keep track of why a wine has been added.


Put a reminder to yourself in ‘my wine notes’ (review by…; recommendation by…; tasted at…)


Thanks for the “My Notes” tip!