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Winter Olympics 2018


I know it is a little late for a winter Olympics topic, but Hungary have just won the country’s first ever winter olympic gold medal… and there is a Scottish connection…

Some bubbly in order!


Do it… open some #winethursday


Might just stick to the bottles already open… as in the still wine


What both of them?? :wink: Which did you prefer?? Mine are still warming up.


I preferred the white, which is unusual it is back in the fridge though… so just getting more acquainted to the red, which is developing rather nicely


Yay! Well done Hungary!

Just wait until they reach the giddy heights of GB’s … 4 medals!



I’m still warming my red as @Ewan suggested and in keeping to this threads topic , in fact have my snowboard gloves on too … I was away for a few days so the house was freezing when I got in … !

But congratulations to Hungary ! What’s your favourite event ? I love the snowboard cross sand also the half pipe :+1:


Well right now my favourite event is short track speed skating men’s relay 5000 metres…


Speed skatings really good to watch. My friends brother was a short course speed skater for Belgium. He’s called Pieter Gysel. He represented at 3 Olympics until a gentic heart condition force him out of competition. He coaches now and runs an off rd mountain bike company. He has some great stories to tell.


That relay race looked like absolute mayhem with 16 athletes on that tiny track at the same time… 4 racing and 12 waiting for their turn.


Hoping for more bubbly due to a Scottish connection on Saturday … but in Edinburgh, not Pyeongchang!


Loving the snow board and ski cross comps! Absolute mayhem. And for jaw dropping athleticism, the half pipe and slope style. Brilliant.


I never thought I would say this, ever, but keeping an eye on the curling


The most cerebral of the Winter Olympic sports, and least dangerous! I used to play a bit, but not in that league…Rhona Martin is a local girl here though…


Also this…


A massive shout-out for this Czech lady who won gold both on skis and on snowboard…