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Winter BBQ and wines

I intend to continue using my barbecue throughout the winter. Essentially it is an outside cooking source, keeping grilling smells out of the kitchen!
Usual stuff to be cooked…steaks, chicken, sweetcorn, peppers, fish…and have been known to do pizza. Also intend to eat outside as much as possible.

Any suggestions for wines to accompany a full on winter BBQ?

You do know you can buy extractor hoods ?! :rofl:

Still think the wine has to match the food…perhaps just try a fuller bodied version

this is a great winter BBQ recipe BBQ Short Ribs - I cooked it at the weekend…to “winterise” I left out the BBQ sauce and put a tbsp of Balsamic and a tsp of worcestersauce in the original cooking liquor (stage 1)

I also served with potatoes and veg - some advice would be to cut the meat of the membrane before serving.

This way, you get the lovely smells of cooking in the house but the grilling aspect outside !

Enjoy the winter…hope ludlow has a micro-climate!

Southern Rhone from the northern and eastern hills - cairanne, Rasteau, vinsobres, higher vineyard Gigondas. You want grenache in its spicier, more savoury incarnation, preferably with a dollop of mourvedre as well.

I think youngish SA left bank blends would work well too - Warwick trilogy springs to mind


Exactly my thoughts. You could add syrah / shiraz to that as well. Those reds that you think would go well with a BBQ but are just too heavy for the hot weather should come into their own now

Likewise I’m planning to keep cooking outdoors year round. Smoked piece of beef brisket and slow and low pork ribs over the weekend - came out very nicely. Here they are mid cook - it was dark by the time we ate them!


Not for me I’m afraid…:rofl:.


The inside systems of hoods get very smelly and greasy. :scream_cat:
Our micro climate is well known!!!

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