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Winewisdom.com article out of date



I found an interesting article about the Wine society . It appears to have been written in 2009 and not updated. It contains photos of staff details about a shop in France that i have since found closed in 2016. It says you have to pay £40 for share but nothing about getting £20 off your first order . It has all sorts of interesting information about the societys history. Its written by Sally Easton MW. I wonder if there is anyway to get Sally Easton to up date her otherwise interesting article.


Hi Benedict

You could email her and ask. :slight_smile:

It’s like reading an old issue of a magazine. It’s a snapshot of the time. Should articles be continuously updated like Winston Smith did to back issues of newspapers?

The article has a date, it’s that author’s impression at that time, and time moves on.

I know how little feedback online authors get and I am sure she’ll be delighted to hear from you.


I think @peterm is right, and online authors would generally not return to update articles. It would be a tremendously great amount of work, and there is also an argument that it is better to leave things be, because other web authors may have linked to it to make a point. Sadly, however, few people now seem to worry about breaking the integrity of the web.

In my view, the responsibility of the web publisher is to ensure articles are clearly dated. (Undated articles are often ripped-off click-bait). Beyond that, it is up to the reader to use their own judgement as to how much is stil relevant.

Personally I would fix typos, make minor improvements if I notice they are needed, and occasionally add time-stamped footnotes if something significant has changed and it is brought to my attention. But I think I am unusual in that respect, and certainly wouldn’t do any major rewrites.


It sounds like something the WS could approach her about: offer an up date, an interview, some links, some text etc. and she can write a fresh article and post it now.

Solves the out of dateness (link the old article to the new), educates a MW a bit better, gets up to date info out there.


But I’m not clear what benefit she would get from doing this? I tend to agree with @SteveSlatcher,:


Leah, Hiya !!

Writing blogs is what she does. Why wouldn’t she want to keep her blog up to date. At least one member here has reported negatively that her blog on TWS is out of date. How to damage your reputation as a blogger: … Get criticised for out of date material on your blog!!

She gets content!! Content is usually the key substance for blog writers. Getting it handed to her on a plate, plus links (there aren’t any on the old blog) is usually a gimme for bloggers.

She gets useful contacts within TWS, which any blogger always finds useful.

She gets publicity if TWS mentions in one of its newsletters that “Sally StrutHers MW has just written a fresh article on her blog at www.wineblog.wine Members might be interested in reading her review.”

What’s not to like.


Well she’s more than just a blogger. She has a masters in Journalism as well as being an MW and works closely with WSET having published this book last year:

I guess updating a ten year old article isn’t her number one priority right now and I cant say I blame her.:wink:


Absolutely. She is a blogger. She is a MW. She is a publisher.

All the reasons cited to ensure that: her blog has content, her blog has up to date content, she maintains top contacts with important players in the UK wine scene, she maximises her profile to a large body of relatively well off, interested UK wine consumers.

I think that just reinforces the synergy for TWS to reach out to her.



To those who think TWS needs up-to-date information in a blog post… Why not get yourself a free wordpress.com or blogger account, and do it yourself? You might find it fun and worthwhile.


I have deleted this


Seems a reasonable response :+1: