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Wines we have lost…

This idea came about from a comment on another thread. Wines that you wish TWS continued to stock.

I’ll start with two:

Muga Prado Enea Gran Reserva 2001 purchased in 2010 for £29. Muga is still stocked but not this one. The latest vintage seems to be 2014 (£50 at Decantalo).

Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia Gran Reserva Blanco Rioja 1991 purchased in 2011 for £55. The red is still around but the white, admitted a cult wine now, has gone.


I think that it can sometimes be difficult to tell if it’s a conscious decision not to buy/stock a wine, or if it’s just a delayed vintage, or a vintage that the buyers didn’t feel was up to scratch.

Anyway, I’ll add a couple…

Domaine Weinbach, Alsace - haven’t seen it for a couple of years, similarly Dirler Cade (especially Rieslings). Maybe @robertd has cornered that market…

The Tahbilk Marsanne which hasn’t featured since 2017 vintage (and was the subject of the other thread).

One other (not wine) which has vanished recently is the Drink in the Sun non alcoholic beer which was/is great and consistently got 5* reviews. Maybe a Brexit casualty?


Agreed there may be good reasons why wines fall off the list. But personally I’m disappointed that vouvray from Huet doesn’t seem to feature any more. These are lovely wines, and a real benchmark for Loire.

The last vintage sold was 2017 a couple of years ago, since when L&W and others have sold 2018, 2019 and 2020 has appeared in some places now. Good vintages apparently, so I’m presuming quality isn’t an issue.

I keep my fingers crossed that they may appear in a museum release somewhere down the line!


Trimbach Gewurztraminer
Zarcillo range
Gonzalez Byass 30 yo sherry range


+1 wishing there were more Weinbach and Trimbach wines, more often. and the Tahbilk Marsanne is much missed too.

Maybe a bit niche, but TWS also stocked various Jasnieres and Coteaux du Loir from Domaine de Belliviere a few years back, which were really excellent.


I asked after a wine that wasn’t available earlier in the year and received the response:

"We are sorry that we do not currently have this wine available.

While it is often true that our buyers often follow certain producers and winemakers, there is no guarantee that we will continue to buy their wines, or list the same wines from that producer all the time; we may sell out of one vintage before another becomes available to offer members.

Vintage variation or a rise in cost, for example, may make it a less attractive proposition. We can also only stock so much wine at one time, and it may be that the buyer will find a new wine they are excited to share with members.

These are just a few of the factors that can influence our buyers’ choices and the above list is not exhaustive. We are sorry that we are unable to confirm if we will sell this wine again."

Thankfully there is no shortage of other choices from which to select, according to palate.

If only I could afford to buy them ALL!!!


Anayón Cariñena - a fine wine that I bought in 2017 and haven’t seen since
Chateau Picard - the best low priced St Estephe I’ve had. Bought in 2019 and not seen since. And, come on, with that name! :smiley:


El Puno Blanco - there were quite a few interesting wines around this time too I’ve not seen again

Leoube Provence Rose over the summer.

Ulyesse Pauillac being available on this list more often than not, and not selling out in 3 days.


This was a real treat

Peltier ranch pinot noir from Lodi, California. I thought this was an absolute steal at (I think) £7.95

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Has L&W ever sold the 2019 Huet? I keep looking for it but I’ve not seen it

Karl Johner’s NV pinot noir from Kaiserstuhl. For £14 back in 2015 it was astoundingly good.


François d’Allaines, Rully Saint-Jacques

What a great idea for a thread I’m sure the buyers will pop their noses in too


Another thumbs up for Léoube, one of the nicest swimming pool rosés I’ve come across. The ‘petit rosé tout simple’ was great stuff.

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Yes, I liked the Petit Rosé as well but if I remember rightly the price was going up pretty fast.

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Antech Emotion rose. Last bought 2013. Annoying that I can’t get this despite TWS having loads of other Antech. Oh well, another trip to the south of France.

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Chartogne Taillet…Cuvée St Anne, a great champagne now disappeared from the WS list


Oh yes, this was fantastic with loads of depth and only £26 a bottle! Also my mum’s favourite growers champagne Vilmart.


It would be fascinating (though far too much to ask) if they could give reasons for their absence. I have only ever seen one vintage of both the ones I mentioned and it’s quite possible they were very exceptional in those vintages. So had they brought them back again I might have been very disappointed!