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Wines to Shine In The Great British Summer 2018!


What a beautiful summer we are having so far this year! Just amazing. :grinning:

The season kicked off with the Royal Wedding back in May (and what a day it was!), and now we are in the middle of the World Cup, Wimbledon is just starting and the sun keeps shining! The icing on the cake would be that France – oops sorry, England – win the World Cup and then this summer really couldn’t be more perfect.

And what better way to celebrate the Great British summer and potential football victories than sipping some deliciously fruity rosés and refreshing beers in the garden or on the terrace (or in the park, or wherever you like really!)?

I normally always say that I can’t get my head around drinking rosé in the UK. I much prefer sitting somewhere lovely in the South of France (as you do!) in order to enjoy a bottle of chilled pink wine. However, I must admit that this year, I fell in love with it – big time!

Only last weekend was I savouring the Corse Calvi Clos Culombu Rosé 2016 from Corsica and it was just delicious and ideal for a hot summer’s day, having a barbecue with friends. Another one that I love, and which is such good value for money, is the Duo des Plages, Vin de France 2017. Gorgeous berry fruits and ripe peach flavours – it’s a summer winner!

Beers are obviously also a big hit at the moment. The footie enhances the consumption of the nation’s favourite drink, particularly amongst the lads. I do like a beer myself actually, but I wouldn’t say I am an aficionado – wine is more my thing.

However, if you are interested in discovering some great craft beer, the Northern Monk range is just for you: from the Faith Pale Ale (5.4%, 440ml), full of fabulous flavours and with great texture, to the Patrimoine Barrel-Aged Saison (7.2%, 750ml), an exclusive (and wonderful!) creation between The Wine Society and The Northern Monks themselves, there is a beer for everyone. Nice chaps apparently too.

Looks like summer drinking is sorted – and fingers crossed the weather stays as good as this for the kids’ summer holidays too! Couldn’t possibly face a whole summer of soft play… my worst nightmare!!

Cheers to the Great British summer!



A peculiar post.

Reads more like an advert than an attempt to inform WS members.


@Richard it’s a blog post from Marjorie that also goes on the Grapevine which is why it reads a little differently to posts on other threads :slightly_smiling_face:


As long as I get to have a turn on the big slide.


Enjoy the innocence while it lasts! ‘Soft play’ means something very different to them teenagers…! :grimacing:


and for them middle aged highly stressed men something different again

I do apologise… should I blur it?




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It’s okay, don’t worry, just sleep it off and there’ll be another time :+1:


yes, these posts have a different colour in the latest list and are in the #grapevine category (the blog)

The idea is that these are still content BY The Society, but informative posts. They are differentiated, but much better to have them posted here where you get a chance to see them, comment and/or ignore, since blog posts are always kept separate from commercial content.

If you have an issue with these, you can easily go to your settings page and add the grapevine category to your ‘mute’ list and you will not see them


Sorry everyone, my brain is numb. I need to stop posting and go to bed :sleeping_bed::sleeping:


I don’t have an issue with the concept, I just wish this one was better written and more informative. The second beer, for example, is recommended without giving us any idea what it tastes like.