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Wines to celebrate the life of Stephen Hawking


To mark the passing of one of the greatest cosmologists I wondered what wine might be appropriate. Something deep and contemplative. My pick from the WS list would be


The Black Wine, a perfect match for the holes he so brilliantly described to us all:


For deep and contemplative I would go for Amarone della Valpolicella, but Hawkins also had a real sense of humour and charm, so for me it’ll have to be fun fizz- a Lambrusco would tick my box! :star_struck:


Hats off to a great scientist.


A real star, and it would leave a black hole in your pocket.
Just noticed it says £1 per bottle! Nice in theory.


this is, I believe, one of the (few) anomalies of our system, one which will need to be fixed at some point, but if the ‘unit’ price is > £1000 and includes that comma in the price on the page, it interprets it incorrectly. Thankfully (?) there are not enough bottles or cases being shared at this moment to rush through a fix, but it will get sorted soon I hope.


Doubly appropriate, as it usually clocks up alcohol levels that can bend spacetime after a few glasses…


This. :slight_smile: ‘Look up at the stars and not down at your feet’.

(Etoile means ‘star’)


A deep and dark tannat heavy Madiran :+1:


That would explain some strange occurrences last weekend!! :wink: