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Wines to avoid, especially on offer


A spin off from the Deadline Day transfer thread.

Wines I avoid buying at supermarkets, especially when on offer. They are really poor examples of their type.

Chianti, Chablis and Chateauneuf du Pape.


Is this because certain regional brands have managed to get some consumer recognition (through investment in marketing) and therefore are open to be ‘used’ to sell lower quality (higher margin) bottles?

Is this the law of unintended consequences at work?


Any wine on a pub wine list.


Surely depends on the pub!


Pretty much any wine from Sainsbury’s, in my experience.


Could be, Robert. I think that they also have names that English speakers are happy pronouncing without the embarrassment of showing their poor grasp of foreign pronunciation.


No, if it’s got a good wine list it’s a restaurant. If it’s masquerading as a pub, then it’s a ‘pub themed restaurant’.


I think there are a few in their Taste the Difference range that are pretty good. The Languedoc Red and particularly White, white CDR and Soave all offer very good value for money. I’m not saying they’re great wines, but for everyday drinking they don’t disappoint. In the sub-£10 price range I generally feel that Tesco are much worse!

I’d add Rioja to the list - I don’t think I’ve ever had a decent supermarket Rioja at any price point.


Except for Muga Reserva 2011 that was on offer in Waitrose a year ago, I agree with the Rioja point made…


I agree. A lot of Rioja is very average at the moment.


I never had a red burgundy from a supermarket that I’ve liked.


I avoid wines with no drinking window at TWS - for me it means they had not run out well before EOL, which can’t be a good thing, can it? Perhaps simplistic.


Champage aside (there really can be some amazing bargains on Champage at supermarkets if you bide your time and then buy in bulk at the right moment!) we rarely buy any wine at the supermarket. I’d estimate we get 60% from TWS, 35% from other small specialised suppliers, and 5% (or so) from supermarkets (Waitrose, M&S, Majestic).
I treat all discounts, everywhere, with the huge pinch of salt they deserve. I am a true cynic!


Talking of Champagne supermarket offers, and not wishing to advertise suppliers other than TWS, but…

on offer here:

plus an extra 25% off if you buy two cases.
Works out at £12.75 a bottle I believe. May not last long, though…