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Wines Scores


hello - can someone help me with wine scores.
Say a wine scores 93 points form a vintage rated 10.
Another scores 93 points from a vintage rated 7.
Are the scores directly comparable?


There is quite a bit of discussion of wine scores here:



There is a difference between perceived vintage quality and wine score - a good producer can produce a very good wine even in a poor vintage. Sometimes when things such as frost occur during a vintage the yields will be down so the vintage might be marked as poor, on the flip side, lower yields would mean more concentration in the grapes that are left.

Its also worth noting that scores are quite subjective, a 93 point wine for one person might not be for another - so they should be used more as a guide - best to also the tasting notes as part of the decision.


You are right Alex88, it was covered in depth in that thread.


Just say no. Wine is about life, not points scoring.


I give that answer :100:


Ah but how many is that 100 out of?