Wines purchased at the showroom

Having recently made my first 2 visits I notice that wines ordered and collected from the showroom show under “my wines” in my account but wines purchased directly at the showroom don’t. (I recall the same for Montreuil purchases). It’s curious because you have to give your share number and I assume the purchases are linked in some way.
It would be nice if they did show in my wines and to have the information available in future.

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Hi @Andy999,

Just checked my account as I frequently buy wine directly from the showroom. The majority of wines I’ve bought this way are showing in the “My wines” section of my account. I have noticed that Bin End purchases don’t always show - does that explain it?

Also, it may take a day or two for purchases to update on your account?

Maybe @laura can help?

Well I did polish up quite a few bin ends so that could be it. Pity though as I’d still like to have the record to hand.

I think wines bought in the showroom still generate an order number, so if you go into your order history and click on the relevant order it should have the full list? Not as neat as the My Wines section in my view, but at least it’s a record.

Hope that helps!


Oh yes, so it does. Many thanks for that; it’s good to know it’s all there.

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Thanks @Alchemist, that’s what I was going to say! :smile: Would be good to be able to view all wines in the My Wines section though…

Now I see that although the wines are showing in the order history, they are not connected to the wine notes and descriptions. That’s a pity and seems a bit strange.

Hi Andy. Just to mention that if the wine is listed in our main catalogue or appears on the web, but is only in the bin ends due to label damage or vintage change, then if you take down the reference code of the wine shown in my orders but remove the X from the end, you would be able to see the full tasting notes.
So CL191X would become CL191. I hope this helps
Kind regards, Sam


Thank you: I’ve had the same problem, and will try this.


Thanks Sam. Yes I can find some of them, but it all seems a bit odd and unnecessary. Underneath the order details is the opportunity to “download the wine notes PDF” which is a set of documents essentially giving no useful information at all. There doesn’t seem any point having them there, at least as far as the showroom bin ends are concerned.
I guess this represents a minute amount of trade in the overall business of TWS, so perhaps doesn’t warrant any programming time.