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Wines of Alto Adige - Advice in Advance


We are off to the Alto Adige region soon and I am looking for any recommendations for wines. We are staying a long way up a very steep hill, will need to bring wine in…so need to choose wisely. I have picked through old threads to see what the community has to say.

We are particularly interested in Kerner; Pinot Gris; Schiava; Lagrein as they are mostly new grapes to us . Producer names that keep coming up - Hofstätter; Cantina Terlano; Alois Lageder; Nals Margreid; Manincor; Meran.

Any producers you would add to that list? Any specific wines you think outstanding? Any particularly good vintages to look out for?

Thanks for any advice in advance.


It’s such a lovely corner of the world! You have mentioned quite a few of the interesting producers there. I’d also check out the Abbazia di Novacella.



The general standard of winemaking is really high. You are unlikely to find any wines you don’t like.

I’d also recommend Franz Haas, Peter Pliger/Kuenhof, and Falkenstein for Riesling and Voglar for Sauvignon (no, don’t laugh, this is not the unsubtle NZ stuff). I like Lagrein a lot too, though older ones are hard to find. And don’t underestimate Pinot.


I love Nals Magreid’s wines (it’s a cooperative - but most cooperatives in Alto Adige are of high standards as mentioned before). Particularly enjoyed their Pinot Bianco Cru Sirmian- had the 2016 and 2017 - both delicious, and show just how good Pinot Bianco can be. I also love their Chardonnay (Kalk or Magre) and their Punggl Pinot Grigio is a joy and very food friendly. Also enjoyed Lagrein from Cantina Tramin and Cantina Andrian (‘Rubeno’) and Gewurtz from Franz Haas.

As @suiko mentioned, you can find some good Pinot Noir too. One I had several times is by Cantina Terlano (the ‘Classico’ - cost me about £22, but worth it).

Tiefenbrunner Schlosskellerei. Enjoyed their SB very much!

To be honest, I doubt you’ll find anything bad if you stick with producers mentioned by yourself and others.

Have a fabulous time! :+1:

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Tiefenbrunner… yes, forgot that one. Definitely seconded!

Btw, there is not much Kerner in the Sudtirol - but Pliger does produce one (as well as a Sylvaner and a Veltliner).

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Lovely. Thanks for all the suggestions. Plenty to go on there.