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Wines for 5th November Tasting

Can anyone point me at the wines for the tasting on 5th November 2020? The website says they’d be announce around 5th October but I can’t find anything.

I think we’re only out as far as the Fine Wine Champs on the 22nd.

Seems fair. Do we know how many wines there will be. I assuming 4 given the cheeses but…? Might be a push between 2 of us!

It says on the page for this tasting that you’ll be contacted if you have signed up by 5th October.

Might be worth contacting member services if you’ve not heard yet and you’ve signed up to attend. If @Tim_S or @annaspooner are around they might also be able to offer some assistance.

I’ve not yet signed up but thinking of it. Wanted to check things out first.

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The website has been updated with the details of the wines to be tasted.

Note that to have the cheese delivered in time to participate in the event you need to order the cheeses by the 1st November.