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Quote Sarah Evans: "The average age of a member is about 58 while the average age of a new member is about 48. "
That absolutely shocked me.
Has anyone done the figures for active members on the community?? I imagine the statistics are quite different? @robert_mcintosh ?


Judging from every visit to the showroom and my one experience of a WS dinner this comes as no surprise at all!

Although I would have thought that the popularity of subscription plans (coffee beer spirits etc) might have give WWF a boost, perhaps it needs a marketing injection…


Actually, we’re somewhere in-between! The average age of users here is 54. :smiley: Not sure what the average age of our most active users is but I suspect less.
Are you shocked that the figure is so high, or shocked at the difference between the two figures?

@Tom we are doing lots to try and make TWS more appealing to younger wine lovers as well as our lovely existing members - would welcome all ideas! :bulb: :grinning:


@laura, just generally surprised that the average age is 58 and more surprised that the average newbie is 48. I would have thought it would be a lot younger. Then again, I look at my demographic of friends and realise that actually, not one of them is a member nor have the interest in the same way I do.
I recently purchased a membership for my cousin for his 33rd birthday. I encouraged him to register on the community as he is just at the point of discovering wines and starting an interest. (I was also hoping to win that trip to Champagne with @Sarah??? Winners been announced yet?? :joy::joy::rofl: ).
He has yet, to my knowledge not explored the community nor ordered anything. Shame really…
Maybe looking at the 308 club would give an indication ofregular ACTIVE members within the community.


I think you will find quite a few of us are raising the average age (I know that the only other one I know and I are above it). And judging from those who make comments implying long purchasing experience of wine, I suspect we are not the only ones.

I joined only a few years ago (already above the average joining age) because I buy so much from producers that I wasn’t sure it was worth it. (It is, but, for me, more for non-German non-French.)


I agree, I’m not sure of many other merchants who offer the choice TWS do :wink:


Ha! I scrape in 1 month below average! I think I was also just below average when I joined too.

Not quite sure that the active members on the community will be that much different Leah? Clearly you will bring it down a bit though…


I remember going to my first society tasting back in 2002 and everyone in the room appeared double my age and more!
I have noticed in the last few years that a younger crew has hit the scene. Well done though this may be me getting older :scream::scream:


Nah @JReed, you’re still a very young un :wink:


Cheers @Leah you’re a good un :+1:


I bought two completely different friends shares for each of their 40th birthdays and neither have ever ordered…


It’s a complete travesty, maybe for their 50th you can put an order through for them :rofl::+1:.


I may not still be friends with them by then :wink:


My share was bought as a wedding present (by a university friend) along with a case of Angludet 09 when I was a youthful 26. I’m now 34 and have been buying EP for five years. That friend is still my only contemporary with a level of interest similar to mine. My latest strategy is to try and convert foodie friends but I just seem to end up resident group sommelier - could be worse.


I ran the Tastings & Events team from 2004 to 2013 - it’s true that in those nine years everyone seemed to be getting younger at tastings, which is strange, because i didn’t age at all …:wink:


Still no sign of the Q&A…


Very sorry for the delay - am pursuing.


Still no sign…


Really sorry, Richard – promise I’m still pursuing but have hit a number of snags along the way due to a colleague’s unexpected absence. That person is now back and the notes are done, so just waiting for a green light. Hoping it won’t be too long and thanks to all for your patience.

2018: The Pension Deficit

No key man (or woman) risk at all then? :wink:

You sound a bit like the apologetic but honest announcers heard on the Circle Line! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We await with bated breath…