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Winery websites are terrible


The red, white & rose thread got me trying to compare the ranges of two wineries - Muga & Jaboulet Aine - but this was made almost impossible but the truly awful website that Jaboulet has. Which made me wonder why, in 2018 when it’s never been easier to knock out a professional, pretty and mobile friendly website in hours, do so many wineries, some quite large, insist on acting as if the internet doesn’t exist.

But rather than focus on the bad examples, I’d like to see the good. So, what are your favourite winery websites (and why?)?

I’ll start with


easy to navigate, pretty, so much info about the wines going back years, but very clear and upfront if you just want to see what they make, how to visit, or what’s going on. I’d like their image library to open in a modal rather than a new window, but that’s a bit nitpicky.

Any more?


I don’t want to seem obsessed, but I am keen on this one. Unfortunately it’s a bit far to visit often in person.

I like the info on the label artists as well as the wine.


I will stick to my choice in the Red, White and Rose thread.



I’m going to go local, to the fabulous winery on my doorstep, Ridgeview:

Easy to navigate, lots of useful info on the history, the wines and tours of the vinery. Gorgeous on the eye, too! :grin:
Next Tuesday I’ll be visiting this winery in Mallorca (DO Binissalem) and liked their site too. They replied really promptly to my queries, which made it easier to organise:


I think large areas of the wine trade are quite incredibly bad regarding tech. I work for a small regional wine merchant and our ordering process is so antiquated: we receive PDF pricelists from different importers periodically, then we just email our contact at said importer with a list of what we want and how much of it we’d like. The fact that this whole process isn’t website-based by now amazes me!


Visited that domaine a few times when I lived in Montpellier. They appear to have expanded considerably since I left France (I’ve drained a few bottles of Mas de Daumas Gassac in my time, when I could afford them!) and are now stocking some interesting looking, cheaper wines.


I love their ‘memorable moments’ on the wines pages! Tours look nice too, I might have to plan one one day…


Alkoomi Wines.
Clean easily navigated site, yet retails the feel of a family business, with enough information to get a sense of place. The presentation of wines for sale is about the clearest I can think of. :+1:

R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia.
A lot of information, perhaps too much? But the site is well structured and functional, and has some great history and photography.