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Wineglass Bay Louis

We bought a bottle to try and were mightily impressed. This is very good value chardonnay at £14.50 So we ordered 6 bottles and to entertain ourselves, we also bought 6 of the big brother Wineglass Bay chardonnay at £19.00.
Well sadly for us, Julius was still ahead. The more expensive wine was heavy and oaky without the class of Julius.
Anyone else tried these wines?

Have tasted these many times in Tas!
The big brother Chardonnay needs some age to really shine - think of it as an Aussie Burgundian Chardonnay!
Try it with fresh oysters and some warm sunny weather…

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Aha. Perhaps with lunch at Melshell Oyster Shack? One of our happy memories of Tasmania.

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You wouldn’t go wrong with that! I’ve had it at Freycinet Marine Farm! Goes well with abalone and sea urchin too!

I have lots of happy Tassie memories!


Me too. Here’s similarly themed souvenir pics from 2018 when we visited Freycinet and the local wineries, picking up some seafood at Bicheno (lobster and oysters), then repairing to the motorhome, consuming them; washed down with a Freycinet riesling. Happy days indeed.


Yes we’ve done the Lobster Shack! I can imagine it’s even better now the Chinese market for crayfish as gone and the price dropped! Did you do the Long Lunch wine tour?

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Bit of a whistle-stop that day actually. We were based nearish to Hobart (@ 7 Mile Beach) for the week; we did the Gt Eastern Drive to Bicheno there and back, we visited Milton, Spring Vale, Freycinet and Devil’s Corner wineries on the route, then checked out Coles Bay. Like most trips we wish we’d had more time.


We are spoiled and do it most years. My other half’s Mother lives in Swansea so we get to spend a leisurely few weeks a year exploring Tas! Just need COVID to be over now to allow us to return!

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Sorry, just to clarify, do you mean the ‘Louis’ by Freycinet (Wineglass Bay)?
Julius is a Henschke Semillon I think.

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The (a?) Henschke semillon is Louis

Julius is a Riesling


Ahh, I’m super confused :woozy_face:


We’re talking about the Freycinet Louis and Wineglass Bay Chardonnay

Ahh gotcha. So the title stating Julius may need amending?

Dear Winechief,

Apologies for the mix up. Entirely my fault. Yes its Louis and not Julius. I am not sure where that came from.
Louis Wineglass Bay Chardonnay!