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Wine world gone mad

I like the interesting background to the wine with old varieties and pre-phylloxera vines (although that’s asking for the little aphids isn’t it). However the price is beyond stupid.

Be careful what you wish for…

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thanks - missed that bit. Saw about Graves but didn’t read to the end of the sentance :man_facepalming:

Interesting use of 'Bordeaux" under the name in the picture though…

I would love to see the business case on this, and have Liber Pater walk me through it.

The 240 bottles available at this price equates to €72m of income (WT actual F). Assuming a modest 30% makeup on wine - production cost would be €50.4m. So I assume production of this wine is costed like this (and cut me some rope here, I have not run this through Excel yet):

Growing & Harvesting - a unit of Artificial Intelligent robots monitor the fields, like ED209s from Robocop to deal with pest control
Fermentation - a team of consultants on £10k an hour are paid to look at each barrel 24/7
Bottling - bottled only in pure diamond vessels
Storage - in all the empty flats in the borough of Chelsea Kensington for 4 years of rent
Shipping - every bottle has its own private lear jet, and does not fly with the rest of the case
Marketing - €0, because articles like this do all the marketing for them.

Of course, it could just be down to famousness and a highly inflated ego of self importance in the wine industry from the producer. Or that they will be safe in the knowledge knowing that China, NBA sports superstars, or the Beckhams will buy any wine with a silly price tag.


Since we are discussing wine world insanity, then let me present Champagne Gout de Diamant. Yours for $2.07 million per bottle.

Naturally you will want to open your bottle in style, so why not use the Henry Tuke Champagne Sabre? A paltry £27k for the 50% risk of smashing the thing over the floor and lacerating your arm.


Go for it!


Now I cannot really decide if I should spend the £27k (or its EUR equivalent) on a bottle of the Liber Pater or this sabre… Leaning towards the sabre as it has multiple uses…


Here’s another crazy one if anyone is interested


Texting my boss and asking for a rise…

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It’s difficult to comment without using expletives. Suffice to say, that takes luxury goods to a new level of obscenity.

It also puts me off buying any other Penfolds wine no matter how fairly priced it might seem to be.


Yeah not sure how many have been sold but certainly reeks of a massive marketing gimmick. Having said that I kind of just shrug my shoulders and move on at this sort of stuff. Clearly not aimed at me so I just let these sort of stories pass me by. Was only aware of this one as it’s Penfolds and I was living in the Barossa at the time of release. I think the wine in question costs about $1,000 (£550) so it’s damn expensive packaging!

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I hear what you’re saying, I shouldn’t let it bother me either but it’s a hard one to swallow.

Dodgy pun aside, I’m gobsmacked it wasn’t a shiraz !

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“The wine was unveiled at a special dinner in Moscow earlier this week at luxurious mansion/restaurant, the Cristal Room Baccarat”.

This tells you all you need to know… :zipper_mouth_face:


Yeah, that made me laugh too. Easy to see who the target market might be.

For oligarchs only.

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I actually got progressively nauseous as I read on. So someone from the Penfolds wine making team will travel to the ‘customer’ to attend the opening of the ampoule, using a “specially designed, tungsten-tipped, sterling silver scribe-snap”…

For f*** sake! This has nothing to with wine and everything to do with ostentatious consumerism! :nauseated_face:


Thank you for saying what I really thought !


It’s strange to read this thread shortly after the “Do we really care about the planet?” thread. The obvious answer seems to be “Not much!”


Or terminal narcissistic stupidity…the emperor is truly naked.


a fool and their money…

Or perhaps a form of currency… which can be openly traded without question (and if kept offshore then no pesky VAT etc.) Not ‘wine’ for drinking, but the same as works of art languishing in vaults, supercars in air-conditioned garages, and everyones favourite gold.

Certainly, absolutely, not a twist on money laundering, or a vehicle for oligarchs to squirrel away funds for a rainy day / change in government. Just sayin…

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Well, if that’s the case, it’s a shame that a respectable winery is enabling such activities, even if by proxy.

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