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Wine Without Fuss - Wine Rack Essentials


I’ve just unpacked my latest case of WWF Wine Rack Essentials - and have yet to taste any of them. However I am very disappointed that three of the twelve are not listed on the Society’s website [therefore not available at all if I wish to reorder], and all but two are shown as ‘Limited stock available’. If they are essential, then they ought to be available!
The description of one not listed reads ‘Smooth, easy-drinking pinots like this are not easy to find.’ Truer than the writer intended!


I am not sure why this post has not generated more discussion, as the concern raised is valid I think. I am not using this plan, but can see how this could be used by people to broaden their wine knowledge and get to know wines that they can later return to.


Hi guys,

Apologies - I was just waiting to hear from our WWF team who were looking into this properly.

So in terms of those three unavailable wines - it looks like it may have been an error and we’re just double-checking but hope to be able to list these on our site shortly. Sorry about that! I’ll let you know if I hear differently.

But on a more general note about how we choose the wines for this: they’re picked months in advance (tasting all of them to make sure they’re in tip-top shape to enjoy as soon as you get the case) and enough stock is reserved to fulfill all our WWF orders, but over the next few months we can’t always predict how well/quickly these wines will sell, so while we try to make sure they’re available for members to order again, it’s not something we can always guarantee.

Wine Rack Essentials is usually a mix of great examples of the popular styles of wines it’s always good to have on hand, rather than specific wines for members to order again and again - although very often they are, or a future vintage of the wine may well become available.

I hope this helps a bit - and I’m happy for you all to discuss this here as long as you like - but if you want to give more feedback on WWF or take this issue any further please feel free to contact Member Services and they’ll be happy to help (The Community isn’t a Member Services channel, rather a member-to-member channels, in case you weren’t aware.)

Thanks, everyone! :smiley:


Personally for me I’d rather see a changing range throughout the seasons. It keeps things interesting, and indicates (suggests?) that the wines aren’t mass produced ones available all year round, but rather on a smaller scale and when they’re gone that’s it until the next vintage. I realise that’s not necessarily the reality though.