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Wine with smoked duck, suggestions?

Tonight at Chateau Lapin… a cold supper of smoked duck, cornichons, green salad, home grown new potatoes. There might be pickled green peppercorns & mayonnaise.

Happily, TWS delivered today. As you can see Its pretty much all red, mostly with some bottle age. So which should I open?

I’m tempted by the Chinon 2011 , or the Albourne English Sparkler (but cant really justify opening fizz on a Monday), whatever I open it needs to stay good for 3 days or so.

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Pickles and wine? Nah!

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But… Charcuterie, innit?


I think I’d be tempted by the Brouilly if the sun is shining in your part of the world, though the green peppercorns may be a bit much for it. Let us know what you decide, I’m trying to up my food and wine matching game so always on the lookout for a good match

I think the Dogliani might be superb with the duck salad!

I’d probably go with the chianti classico :wine_glass:

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Of what you’ve got there, I’d be leaning towards the Brouilly. Widening it out a bit further, I’m sitting here with a pre-dinner glass of Manzanilla, and if you have something like that in the cellar, then well…

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I might go with the Chinon as I would enjoy the Loire Cab Franc bite, which ought to stand up to the pickles yet still go with the meat.


I went with the Dolcetto… which worked rather well but for the wrong reason. Unlike the dolcetto’s I’ve had in the past (soft, light, fruity…) this one is atypical, quite tannic and not far off a cru Beaujolais - so the Brouilly would have been good.

The wine stood up well to the smoky duck & the cornichons + radishes. As Jack Humphries cautioned, the green peppercorns (whilst superb with the duck) gave the wine a right kicking. I’m thinking that for the next round, the Chinon will be front & centre. Or maybe something Alsace & Pinot Gris…