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Wine with Greens

Good call on green veg. I must go searching for Kalettes. Our method is to steam all veg for 3 mins, take them off steamer and leave for 1 minute, then sprinkle with sea salt and drizzle with virgin olive oil. Keeps more of vitamins in and the salt and olive make them delicious even to teenagers.
As for wine pairings with green veg, I would go with French wine sommelier Xavier Thuizat, who recommends trying Japanese saké, if you can’t find a good wine match for a particular food - it works very well with Western food not just sushi and Japanese cuisine.

If you fancy doing a taste taste of wine vs saké, the best one to try first is Dewazakura Oka Ginjo. Berry Brothers say on their website that ‘Oka is renowned amongst my colleagues as the bottle that ‘turned’ one of our most sceptical neophytes into a fully-fledged fan.’

Sounds interesting - wouldn’t have thought of saké. A few years ago I was in London (working) every couple of weeks & picked a different bottle very time from the Japan Centre. Prices went up & I lost interest … but sounds like a fine idea !


Hey you guys!

I have a feeling this is what I am eating tomorrow!


Ramsons (bears garlic… but I believe actually a lily?) - VERY pungent, until cooked when it almost vanishes. And young nettles - depending on the climate where you live - they havnt come up yet in Yorkshire. Presumably Sauv Blanc ?

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Or zingy English Bacchus :+1:

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Definitely !

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