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Wine with Grapefruit


We are planning to have scallop mouse with Grapefruit sauce as a starter over the Christmas Period. I am wondering what wine to serve with it. My initial thought would have been a Savingnon Blanc, probably new world. How’re one of our guests has an aversion to the grape. I am looking for advice/recommendations about what wine to service. Any help greatly appreciated.


This might fit the bill?


How about a bit of fizz? Or is that too left-field?


I think any white with a pronounced acidity should work well, as it would match the acidity of the grapefruit - an unoaked Chenin, a young Rieslng, a Grüner etc. A dry rosé which isn’t too fruity should go well with it too, I reckon. Perhaps even a fizzy rosé?


If they don’t like Sauvignon but you want something that tastes similar with a good fresh acidity then why not try a decent bacchus?


Scallops usually have a sweetness to them, grapefruit probably adds a slightly bitter/sour tang. I’m thinking maybe an Alsace white? Pinot blanc or Riesling? Or a German Riesling even?


Alternatively though rather than going with a wine which has a high acidity, which may risk clashing with the acidity of the food, how about something softer and richer like an Alsace Gewurz or Viognier from Condrieu?


Actually, I think Grüner will be your winner. And it’s not just cause I’m an Austrian wine fanatic… It’s just such a versatile food wine, and can often match odd flavours that are difficult to match with wine. It’s brilliant with seafood, and goes well with citrus flavours (excellent with things like lime and yuzu):+1::+1:


I would be inclined to go with something less acidic like a Viognier ? I think it would balance out the food quite well . Or even a Marsanne /Viognier blend with a medium acidity and good rounded flavour . I think it would work really well.


Iroulguy or Txakoli if you want something a little different but which will compliment the scallops as well as handle the grapefruit


Hmmmm. Perhaps I’m on my own here, but I’m not convinced that grapefruit goes that well with any wine. There is something about it that sets it apart from other citrus fruits in that respect. But it does rather depend how prominent the flavour is. If it’s only a minor component, then the different suggestions above are worth considering.


I’d agree here - I’ve struggled in the past with grapefruit

@dgwitchell My recommendation would be a few trials, with some of he recommend varieties, before the big day…say we said it was ok :wink:


This would be my suggestion - pink grapefruit in a bottle. Also an interesting grape/story.


I love this wine! It’s light and fresh, and tastes like a cross between an orchard and a citrus grove. An excellent suggestion :+1::+1:


The somewhat obscure Petite Arvine grape is sometimes called “The Grapefruit Wonder” (the society offers one) so you might consider adding that one to the list too.

However, I have to say that neither grape produces a wine that has that somewhat idiosyncratic bitterness that grapefruit has. Plenty of wines, especially from Italy, have a slight bitterness at the end of the palate, though with grapefruit it is of a rather different nature I find hard to describe.


I detest grapefruit, so pair it with my wine horror story Riesling, and I would be reaching for the vomitorium!! :open_mouth::open_mouth:
Just goes to show that you cannot please some people.


Rose wine with grapefruit: I was is France over Easter, and this seemed to be a fashion! it kinda worked, but seemed a little weird to my palate.

Possibly a decent cote de Provence ?

I imagine it depends on the grapefruit being not overly strident, and matching the levels of sweetness between Scallop / Grapefruit / Wine. Risk is that the scallop gets overpowered - will be very pretty, shades of pink.


There are a number of points that come to my mind.

  1. It’s your plan to have that recipe but you’re agonising about the wine match. So why not have a different sauce? Problem solved.
  2. It’s not grapefruit, it’s a grapefruit sauce. All the recipes online I have seen for that combine honey and/or sugar with a small amount of grapefruit juice, and I’d think from reading the recipes that acidity in the grapefruit would not be noticeable with all the sweetening in the sauce.
  3. What are the grounds for the guests aversion to Savvy? If it’s the acidity, as it is for many people, then is an acidic sauce (if it is) appropriate?
  4. Gros manseng as already recommended, is a great choice. Look also at an off dry Chenin Blanc.
    Enjoy your mouse, eek eek :slight_smile:


Good points, and depends how dominant the sauce is too - pink grapefruit is likely to be bit sweeter in itself too.

Gros Manseng is a good shout. Some of the SW France wines would make a good choice. Jurancon Sec or Pacherenc du Vic Bihl. I haven’t tried the WS ones, but have had a couple of crackers elsewhere.


Agree on Gros Manseng based wines or alternatively another grapefruity wine is this:

Previous vintages have been great!