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Wine with.... Curry! (Help required)


Another wine pairing conundrum…

The theme for our next tasting with my work colleagues is… wine to match a ‘curry’.

The challenge is to pick a dish from the local Indian restaurant and then choose a wine to match.

Its a fairly standard menu, so…any suggestions for a wine (ideally from TWS list) and a dish to match? (Or vice versa).

I was wondering if chicken tikka might work with this:


  1. Meet up. 2. Have a nice glass of something first. 3. Then go and buy your curry!


Yep! :+1:


Most curries are pretty spice-heavy, consequently curry is not the best accompaniment to show off a wine at its best.

That’s my generalisation, so maybe your best plan of action is to look for exceptions. On the food front, perhaps I would favour something like a Korma to go with that white. Gewurztraminers can be punchy enough (in terms of character) to make themselves heard above the general palatal noise of spices. Sauvignon blancs go surprisingly well with the heat from chillies.

The other problem I can think of is that most Indian cuisine would involve a meal of different dishes, ideally chosen to complement each other, and that adds an extra layer of complexity to your task.

TBH, I don’t normally drink wine with Indian food - a beer usually goes better. It’s OK not to drink wine on occasion!


Petition to ban @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis from these boards for life @Ewan @laura @Kelly :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



In my defence, I should point out those occasions are few and far between…


I usually go for something with a bit of sweetness to it like a Riesling or something similar. Never had any reason to complain.


If the Tikka has been marinaded for some time I think it might overpower the Chignin tbh

I find Riesling (just off dry) or a Grenace/syrah/mourvedre blend work well with most curries …if its to chilli heavy…milkshake :joy:


Lassi… mmmh


I am hesitant about taking part in this.

There are so many factors, not least is what dishes you have, what tolerance you have to chillies and what type of wine you like

The usual recommendation for anything spicy is Gewurztraminer, probably because the first part of the name means ‘spicy’, but I would never have that wine because I prefer a red.

A good friend, who I’ve not seen for far too long, called Warren Edwardes asked the question why people who buy lager to go with curry would want a still wine, so he set up a company called Wine for Spice which produced off-dry sparkling wines. http://wineforspice.com/

He also held BYO wine & food matching events at ‘The India Club’ restaurant in the Strand Continental Hotel in London to which wine lovers would bring an assortment of wines. And if you are a wine lover then any wine is better than no wine.

I prefer red and would choose Pinotage as the natural sweet taste of the variety matches well, or USA Zinfandel or USA Petite Sirah, (because of higher RS in US wines) and from TWS as below.


You have picked a tough one. Beer is your friend.

Alsace pinot gris - off dry with a touch of sweetness will go with a creamy curry. Needs enough acidity to cut through the spice, personally I would not spend much 'cos the curry will obliterate any sophistication in the wine.

Tomato based curry; I have failed miserably to find a decent wine to-go. Perhaps a Beaujolais village?


I would offer exactly the same advice as @JamesF but also suggest careful selection of the curry dish. Personally, if drinking wine i would choose something dry and mild like a chicken byriani.


Maybe a rosé with a prawn curry? Usually go for Kingfisher or Cobra though.


Trishna has a wine recommendation for each of its dishes on its menu (all with some degree of spice):

Gymkhana also good:

Now I’m hungry and thirsty!


Yes, to all those advocating ‘beer’, it would be my choice also. However, the challenge has been set!

I’m liking the rose / prawn curry angle and will check out Trishna menu.


As long as you’re not comparing the local curry house to the food menu!


With 2 venison dishes at Gymkhana this week I had glasses of an Indian Cabernet blend for the first and an Argentine Trousseau (yes, really) with the less spicy: both worked well, but the Trousseau better. I would agree on going for a fruity red if you are eating meat. (Excellent wine list there, by the way: wasn’t there a strand a year or so ago about restaurants with decent wine lists?)


I had a curry tonight accompanied by a gewurtz. I think they both worked well together, a friend who was round actually commented that the wine had a hint of cumin BEFORE they ate the curry. Suggestive thinking?..


I’ve enjoyed fruity Languedoc and Roussillon reds with lamb curry in the past, including the ever versatile Society Corbières.
Doesn’t beat a nicely chilled beer mind you.


Chicken Tikka? I thought you said Indian food?