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Wine & whisky recommendations - for a holiday in the outer hebrides

Apologies for the narrow parameter, please expand as necessary.

What would the great & the good of the community, suggest for maybe six bottles of wine and one whisky - for an extended week in North Uist, August.

Whisky should be sub £80 and actually available !

Will be self catering - mostly langoustine & scallops and hopefully venison. The lady Lapin likes Muscadet & Chablis. Whisky suitable for drinking outdoors whilst watching for shooting stars. Local hero sound-track.


Keep it local as far as whisky is concerned. https://hebrideanwhisky.com/

Lots of white wine by the sound of your eating plans. I would go with Lady Lapin’s favourites, they sound tasty to me.

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This is a Chablis I personally think is an absolute beauty; some might say it’s quite full-on for a Chablis though:

And you can’t go wrong IMO with this one for a Muscadet:

This is one I’m on this evening, and I could see it going very well with scallops if you’re having them saucy - it’s a rather rich and very tasty wine; quite “floaty” and not a “shy” wine though, and could maybe overpower scallops - I wouldn’t have this one myself if you’re having them raw [which is what wife & I would certainly be doing!]:

I’d myself actually look into some Txakoli for fresh-from-the-sea-seafood; I’m personally not a fan of the one the WS currently stock, but you can pick up other ones elsewhere. Their lightness of touch and [usual] slight spritz are absolutely divine with fresh seafood IMO.


Re the whisky, if you don’t like the peaty Hebridean thing, I personally think this distillery is a good bet:


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Excellent suggestions, the Muscadet would be high on my list - and I know what you mean about the Brocard Chablis being ‘full’ however for Scallops it prob about right. The Chignin is a new one - definitely going into the next order - really appreciate the suggestions which (as always) throw up new possibilities.

Hmmm - Old Pulteney I have never got around to… and you are absolutely correct, I like a bit of peat in my whisky and not the other way around ! so shall see what is available - ideally cask strength without any caramel (perhaps the indy bottlers have something)

If you do like a bit of peat in your whisky and want to avoid the big companies, Longrow, the peated whisky from independent Springbank is an interesting possibility. I got a special bottle for my birthday that cost over £100 (I checked!) but their normal output is good and much more reasonably priced (around £45 online). Add a little water to open up the full flavour. And should you ever be in Campbeltown the Springbank brewery tour is one of the best - they even make their own malt.

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Campbeltown definitely seems to be the sweet spot at the moment for fantastic, complex but affordable whisky - with the added bonus of not being owned by massive conglomerates! Kilkerren and the standard 10 year old Springbank are my regulars, both gorgeous and a relative bargain

Not alcohol related but Uist related - I reccomend heading south while you’re there, South Uist is heartbreakingly beautiful

Ditto - however I cannot seem to find SB 10 for sale anywhere nowadays, any advice appreciated ! the 12 c/s used to be a favourite however that is now rare as chicken lips.

S Uist, only a causeway away. Certainly will visit, any eateries you can recommend?.

I normally buy it from Cadenheads in London but it’s been a while, have had a Kilkerren phase recently… (edit - they do seem to have it in stock - Springbank 10 Years Old 46% VOL - 70CL | Whisky Shop & Tasting Room)

Can’t help with eateries I’m afraid, my Hebridean experiences have all been youth hostels or self catering

Cadenheads is owned by Springbank (or vice versa) so if anyone has it they should, although they generally specialise in rarer stuff. Thery have a lot of very valuable barrels sitting at the distillery.

Brilliant - that’s a SB 10 and Longrow CV heading my way. Many thanks for the pointer! I had just about given up on tasting Springbank again. I wonder what a mix of the two tastes like?


They’re a wonderful shop if you’re ever near there (or the Edinburgh branch even more so) - lots of interesting small bottles of barrel ends and things like that… they also do their own bottlings of rum which can be incredible

Visited the Edinburgh shop 6 (ish) years ago - could have spent hours there, being offered samples of increasingly good spirits. This was back in the day when one could actually get great single malts for a good price. Came away with a bottle of Campbeltown Loch 21 y/o… for around £79. Outstanding.

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@lapin_rouge Do you like Port Charlotte? I can recommend the PC 10yr and the PC 2011 Islay Barley, the latter being incredibly smooth at 50%.

@RieslingBassist thanks for sharing that link, had been looking out for a standard Springbank bottle.

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PC Islay Barley, I had a bottle a few years ago (I think it was 7 y/o?) - in a tasting was creamier and a longer finish than both the Scottish Barley or the 10 y/o - and pricier if I recall. Very ‘bonfire’ and ideal for a camping trip in the Lakes. Since then my inclination is now towards something less peaty - hence the SB.

Back when you could get SB12 c/s that was my pick-of-the-litter (better than the 15) - however I am VERY happy to get a bottle of the 10 (many thanks to @Reisling for the link), it has amazing complexity. Incidentally, if you chance upon the Longrow 18 I highly recommend it, even at the £100 ish ticket. Regretfully by pockets are not that deep any more.

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Never tried a Longrow, will keep an eye out.
WB will be releasing a fair amount of new whiskies in a few weeks time.

I have a Longrow ‘classic’ on its way from Cadenheads. To be honest I find it a tad harsh & young, but makes a change from Caol Ila. Talking of which, I have a bottle on the go of: AD Rattray ’ Cask Islay Bourbon Edition’ - 7 y/o - very good and prob C.I in my opinion.

WB… yes, well spotted. The darker sherried bottles always seem to sell out in a couple of hours - fortunately not my thing - that C.I. will perhaps be a star, ditto the Aultmore.

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