Wine Wednesday [9th May 2018]

The sun is still out so this has gone in the fridge for opening this evening. Will accompany a fritata and green salad :wine_glass: :sunglasses:


Someone at work told me the proper name for Wine Wednesday is Winesday, which I liked.


I couldn’t resist, the weather the way it is… have stashed a bottle of this in the fridge:

I think we’re having pasta primavera which should be a fairly good match! :heart_eyes:


Blue skies and sunshine in the Republic of Brightonia today, I’m knocking up one of my favourite dishes that we haven’t been able to have since the start of Mrs H’s pregnancy - spaghetti carbonara. I’m too sleep deprived to come up with something more original, but this should work nicely:

Roll on wine o’clock!


Wine inventory fail - turns out I didn’t have the Palladium in, so I improvised with this:

Not a particularly great match for the meal, but very nice indeed on its own. Crisp, dry with refreshing acidity. Lemon, sherbet, hint of elderflower, saline finish. I’d get this again if it was still in stock! This would be a perfect summer afternoon/evening garden tipple.
@Leah did you get any? Hope you didn’t miss it!

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@Bargainbob, no I didn’t. This was the one I had originally purchased which is still available. I think I’ll need to purchase again to see what its like…

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