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Wine Wednesday [6 June 2018]



I’ll start this as I am 7 hours ahead… enjoyed a glass of Young Chenin Blanc from SA today with dinner, while out shopping (unsuccessfully may I add). The wine was okay and overpriced.

What are you drinking today?


You tease :smile: Which winery/wine?

Tonight going to my favourite restaurant.

Will start with a glass of house Champagne (forgot name, but it’s exceelent and they’ve been importing it for 40+ years)

The with main course my usual Chateau Batailley 2009 (if they still have it. Last month the usual sommelier wasn’t there and he brought Haut-Batailley)

And hopefully a courtesy glass of Muscat Beames de Venise with desset,


I’m 6 hours behind so can’t even think what I’ll be having yet , but picked this up yesterday and have to say was pleasantly surprised ! Had a lovely smokiness to it and was pretty balanced . Was much better than the previous days wine :wink:


It was Orange River Cellars


Enjoying this in the garden, with some power still left in the sun. Not very complex, but ideal for the situation, refreshing and easy drinking, with a cheese straw or two.

This to follow, with some smoked salmon


Couldn’t decide between these two, so opened both… it is Wednesday after all :grinning:

I bought these after sampling from the Enomatics in the showroom. Both good value at £6.50 a bottle; simple, easy drinking - ideal for tonight’s meal in the sun.

Grillo is very peachy and creamy on the nose, and then very much Sicilian lemons on the palate - simple but quaffable.

Nero d’Avola is plummy with enough spice and acidity to steer away from any hint of “jammyness”, again simple but quaffable. I’d recommend both as good summer BBQ wines.


Some sunshine, salmon, new potatoes and asparagus and this… perfick.


I’m off for my first trip to Sicily in the summer and can’t wait to try an abundance of their wines - hoping Etna chooses to remain calm


@szaki1974, Maybe best to stick to Tiger or Slings down the Long Bar


Another Waitrose half bottle of their ‘Blueprint’ Claret Reserve 2015 tonight. Becoming a habit on a Wednesday.

I also noticed they do a Pinot from Romania and almost went for it but didn’t. I wonder how that would be.


@Rich29 I had an email from Waitrose today advertising the return of their 25% off 6+ bottles until 12th June. Not sure if the half bottles of Claret qualify, but they do have some nice stuff in their list.



Soumade Rasteau 2014 from EP (not the Prestige listed currently) Light, very un-Rasteau like - definitely a drink rather than keep year but still pretty good for £10 - £11.


Arrived today, behold …


Delicious it is, too.


Nice - just ordered some Muga Rosado for the weekend…


@adbdorset, one of my favourite Rosé :wink::+1:


Gosh. You say you’re 7 hours ahead so I guess you’re not in UK?

I say gosh because Orange River Cellars is not in Western Cape, and I’ve not had a RSA wine that wasn’t, and AFAIK no non-Western Cape wines are available in the UK.

Platter says the 850 growers in Northern Cape supply the grower-owned 5 wineries that make ip Orange River Cellars, and that 3/5 of their production goes to supply buyers- brands and bulk shipments.


There was no fault with the wine, I actually did enjoy it.


I think that is sound advice. I did not take it however and instead of littering the floors with monkey nut shells here I am getting better acquainted with some Patagonia PN, a 2016 Barda that goes down all to easy with both my raw beef starter and grilled octopus main.


Wonderful island, I have been trying to get back there for years with no avail, the towns and the countryside are really just as in the Godfather, and the food is different , in a good way to the rest of Italy, the Arab influence, good luck.


That is correct, Sherlock. Saying that there are those who think Singapore is still a colony.