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Wine Wednesday [4 April 2018]



Post Easter hangover, time to open some bottles to welcome the spring (?) I will be at a work do tonight that I posted about here. The only bottle left over from the original plan is the Te Mata Bullnose Syrah, another colleague will bring a Central Otago PN (Waitrose sourced) that makes it a nice NZ red wine appreciation evening. What will you be drinking tonight?


Nothing but H2O (perhaps a touch carbonated) for us until Saturday… :confused: I might just sneak a little dessert wine we bought in Mallorca in between now and then, though…


Tonight I’m finally getting to see what all the fuss is about with the Delas Grignan-les-Adhémar, which we’re having with bangers and mash. First impressions are that it’s a perfect midweek wine, easygoing but with enough interest to pick up something different with each sip. It should go well with the food. Santé!


Started on this:

but managed to knock the bottle over, so have ‘upgraded’ to the exhibition range:

First experience of Kumeu River, but loving it so far. Great balance of fruit and oak, and a lot more length than I expected.


@tfizz, great choice on the Chardonnay…! I really really liked it :wink:


I’ve gone for a lazy Domino’s dinner tonight (Italian crust veggie supreme, hold the tomato and extra peppers :heart_eyes:) and this is going quite ok with it (although I have the 2015)

Fresh, fruity, easily gluggable, suprisingly nice with BBQ sauce dipped wedges! 🤷


This is the kind of food matching I can get behind! :laughing:

We’re having a zesty veggie “chicken” paella with some leftover Ridgeview bubbly - it’s a match! :heart_eyes:


Currently decanting this. The OH is at the gym priming himself for a kilo of cow when he gets in :rofl:! This should go nicely :+1:


That’s a hell of a wine for a Wednesday! Bliss


This again for me.


Beer tonight in the pub, but yesterday shook the post-bank holiday blues off with this:

Reminded me a bit of pecorino, a nice refreshing, slightly herby wine that would have probably gone better with some white fish baked in foil than the quiche we had it with, but enjoyable nonetheless.


More a whisky Wednesday here as after a few beers in the local enjoyed these 2 wonderful cask strength beauties at our local whisky bar.


We had this at a local-ish pub last night:

A little harsh at first (would probably have benefited from a decant), but settled to become more balanced after some time in the glass…quite enjoyable with some lamb!


This is what I would have to call a guilty pleasure…

I bought 3 at £5 to meet the 6 bottle min for some discounted Moet 08 late last year and they sat patiently waiting for me to gather my courage. I’m happy to say this is a very pleasing wine, in certain circumstances. Those being a desire for a medium red frizzante of summer fruits and no complexity whatsoever. I’m a fan of the Society’s Vecchio Moro Lambrusco which is by comparison a serious, contemplative wine but this has its place; Wine Wednesday.


I do like a good Lambrusco! They’re such fun wines!
M&S do a really delicious Reggiano, which I wholeheartedly recommend! :+1: Going to give your Tesco one a go too!


I didn’t really enjoy my bottle of the Weinert, found it a bit too big and bold, yet somehow didn’t have much going on with it, no real length of flavour there or long finish. Guess I should have decanted it a bit more but considering its a 2006 it should have mellowed a bit by now!


Not just me, phew! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll look it out when I’m next in there.


It still benefits from some decanting as I find it opens up a bit, but I’ve also seen some comments about bottle variation (sadly) so who knows. I’ve loved all my bottles very much, though I have to admit that the last one I had (from a case) started off rather closed - so hence recommending the decanting


Interesting. I think there’s loads going on, but I can agree it’s definitely a big wine with all that alcohol.

I love it.


@Alex88 - Lucky pub find. Simonsig is a family owned an operated estate.

Pub I went to this week had a choice of Gallo or Barefoot – which are the same!

2013? Some bottle age there. That’s Simonsig’s entry level Pinotage and it’s unwooded, which is fairly uncommon in the Cape.

A massive step up is their ‘Redhill’ Pinotage, which is a wooded single vineyard wine from the red-soil hill behind the winery.