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Wine Wednesday (30th May 2018)


Gracious me, have I missed a day? No, it is Wine Wednesday, it’s after 7pm and the opportunity to share your mid week wine experience is nearly over. For me it’s this.

Opened last night and went with a Hare Ragu with Dolcellate and gnocchi. Snacking on Capocollo and Lincolnshire Poacher tonight to help it go down.


What a joy this is with some leftover bolognese. Delicious! Thanks @inbar for the tip!


We are sharing Italian based feasting… enjoy. I find a good Bolognese is always better as a left over


Bit of an odd one here, a bottle of Oyster Bay merlot, 2014 vintage. Nostalgic label for me because about 15 years ago my mum decided for a while the only wine she liked was Oyster Bay SB… This was brought round by a friend a couple of years ago, I had little desire to drink it then so thought I’d keep it a while and see. Actually pleasantly surprised! Dark fruits, bit of spice, and quite well-balanced. Impossible to say but I think for me more enjoyable now- I imagine it would have been quite harsh with too much acidity when bought.


I’m plowing through my rosé case. Tonight is:

It’s lovely and refreshing but not a great food wine. More aperitif territory. It makes me think of holidays in baking hot medieval French villages where all the locals are inside with shutters shut while us mad dogs are wandering about looking for lunch at entirely the wrong time of day. I’m squinting at my Tottenham garden but it’s not quite the same.


Were the hare and Lincolnshire Poacher connected in any way? :slight_smile:


Ha ha… no, not quite. Though I think they do connect in a tasty, metaphysical way, bounded by the wine, of course.


Oh no… I recently tried that wine as reported here… no way…

I have been busy cooking some ratatouille… frying down the veg by type… helped along by a few bottles of the Harvieston Brewery mixed case… I should say I enjoyed the Northern Monk case more, still, the bitter and the amber ale are pretty good.


Coconut rum here …:wink:


This was really firm and full for a Beaujolais, lots of structure and potential to age. Worth putting a few away for a while to see how it develops.


Unfortunately, had no luck sourcing the wine recommended by @cgoldin, so for our last evening with the family in Israel we settled for Pelter Trio, which is a Bordeaux blend (~£15). We were pleasantly surprised! Good nose of ripe blackberried, plum and some pepper, and delectable flavours of bramble and berries, with a pleasing spice on the (quite long) finish. Yum!

Earlier yesterday we had some Rousanne, from the another local winery called Lueria; lovely floral nose, with tropical fruit and honeysuckle, and pleasing on the palate too - peach, passion fruit and honey. Not the longest finish, but was a perfect lunchtime white!

Flying back to that green and pleasant land later today…
Happy Thursday, one and all :grinning::wine_glass:


We finished a bottle of Somborne Valley Rose from Hampshire. It was a gentle and fruity wine somewhat spoiled by a hint of sulphur on the nose.