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Wine Wednesday [2nd May 2018]



While I’m sure everyone is saving themselves for the #twstaste tomorrow, I will be having a “small” glass of this Torrontes. I definitely don’t drink enough Torrontes and this is nice one .
Anyone else partaking in a little tipple this evening?!


Every day is Wine Day at May Towers.:wink:

Today we’re having

on the recommendation of (I think) @robert_mcintosh


Continuing this one from last night. Very pleasant, very fruity.


Sounds lovely :wink:


Taking this to Blind Tasting Wine Wednesdays (we need a pithier event name).

(Our theme is Loire/Burgundy whites). Excited to try this as I know it has lots of fans in the Community.
@Leah Good call, love a nice torrontes!


ooooh I loved this Chablis, enjoy it…:wink:


Had the Chablis over Easter and it is indeed very good. Was going to save myself for TWSTaste tomorrow but this needed finishing off…

Has become our House White.


Not drinking today, but had some nice white yesterday. Started at home with a beautiful white we brought back from bodega Biniagual in Mallorca, all citrus and honey and white blossom:
Then off to a pub quiz, and had the house white, which I thought was a Verdejo, but turned out to be a Macabeo. Surprisingly nice it was, too!:grinning:


Just watching the footie and enjoying a relaxing glass of Mas de Subira Priorat from 2004. The bottle has gone into recycling. Considering it’s 14.5% it’s surprisingly easy to drink, quite mellow but less powerful than expected - so far!
Must be the second half now.


I need to add this to my basket/wish list. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Inbar I’ve been trying a few Macabeo wines just recently after discovering a very nice one in a local Tapas restaurant.

This is an easy drinking summer/BBQ wine…

and I picked this one up recently too…


Well for a foregone conclusion after 80 mins that was a nervy ending. I may be biased but we were on the unkind end of two ‘penalty’ decisions in this tie and one ludicrous own goal. Still, come on the final. YNWA!


Some very mixed results from this week’s blind tasting. We all thought the Brocard enjoyable though very atypical. Admittedly, none of us has yet tried other 2014 Chablis, but it’s just much more on the tropical fruit spectrum/ generally less austere than any Chablis I remember tasting. Definitely still had the smokey/gunflint note that I thought should have been a giveaway though!
From other participants we had:

  • one of the most obviously corked wines I’ve ever tasted (a Vouvray);
  • an Aldi Muscadet Sur Lie that was almost comically atypical: very peachy and mangoey; and

which was pleasantly floral but not massively memorable.


Oh, I like the look of the Katie Jones one! :+1: shall add it to the ridiculously large wishlist!
This is the one I had last night:



I’m not really a serious “we” as far as this game goes, but at least you got the right result, and with plenty of late tension.
Happily I’m still enjoying the priorat!


I’m missing out on the community tasting tonight (one day I’ll manage it) but just polishing off Tuesdays impromptu opening

Still finding my feet with Malbec, this tastes quite young (its 2017) and is very drinkable without having the nuance and excitement of many other red styles I enjoy. I’d take it to a party and be happy if it was opened but wouldn’t lose any sleep if it wasn’t