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Wine Wednesday [28 March 2018]



I thought I would kick off a midweek drinking thread for those of us who do… also in anticipation of tomorrow’s #twstaste and a potentially epic weekend / Easter drinking thread in the air :wink:

I had a small glass of this with lunch:

My go to Bourgogne Pinot Noir for the last 2 years, sadly the last bottle, as it still is drinking beautifully. No worries though as I have got 6 bottles of the 2015 laying down, purchased EP in bond for £70, which is a very friendly price…

The 2013 is still fresh, with fruit and spice well balanced. A real pleasure to drink now. I have actually opened the bottle on Sunday, but rather sensibly decanted half into a small bottle closed it ‘air tight’ and put it in the fridge… this method works for me all the time. Should keep me entertained in the evening, too.


Good afternoon everyone. I am looking forward to trying this tonight, with a roast leg of lamb.


Another bottle of Beronia GR 2009. Not amazing, but a decent drop. Saving the really good stuff for the weekend and friends :+1:


2015 Morgon. To try and pretend Spring has arrived…


That Burgundy sounds lovely, @szaki1974. Always sad to wave farewell to a bottle that’s been good company for a few years…

Well, after yesterday’s evening chez Mum & Dad, I found myself the unlikely owner of two-thirds of a bottle of Yellow Tail Malbec. I was feeling reckless this afternoon, so decided to euthanise it in a coq au vin, but not before giving a small glass of it the full Riedel treatment, out of curiosity more than anything else. Not a bad nose, in a jammy-dark-fruits-and-oak-chip-spice kind of way, but what was fascinating was its complete lack of any varietal character whatsoever. They could have printed the name of any dark-skinned grape on the label and my reply would have been “er, maybe; I guess…” Still far too sweet and sickly on the palate though - just sugarama, with no structure to even try to compensate.


The next question was, what to drink with the coq au vin? I decided to match wine with a mood, rather than a food, and I urgently wanted to rehabilitate poor Malbec, so plumped for this:

The first half-glass really suffered, just because it might as well have followed a mouthful of candy floss, so it took a good few sips to recalibrate my palate after our marsupial friend, but it turns out that this is good, proper Cahors. Needs a lot of air, mind; I was starting to get RSI from all the swirling but it comes good and has an appetising dusty dryness among the bramble fruit and hints at a leathery old beast lurking out there in the future. Would easily win in a battle with an £8.50 claret.

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I'm getting fed up with red wine that tastes like alcoholic Ribena

@Rich29 forgive me if you’ve already told us in the glassware thread, but what glass is that in your photo? It’s a handsome vessel…


I did laugh out loud at this point for reasons unbeknown to me. Let’s just say I got the eye from my wife (as both kids are fast asleep), especially after explaining that it was “nothing, just browsing the community” (AGAIN)…


This evening after completing my notes, I got rather thirsty…so far so good…:wink:


I was just browsing the Blind Spot wines, as I have fond memories of the Rutherglen Riesling. Would be interested how this one compares to other Pinots.


@szaki1974 I really like that Blind Spot so now on tenterhooks to read what @Leah writes about it (no rest for the wicked and all that…)


Zalto - Burgundy glass. I use it for Pinot, Gamay and Nebbiolo. I’d like to drink everything out of it really but perhaps that wouldn’t be allowed…


@szaki1974, @danchaq, I’m thinking I should get myself on a retainer here… :joy:
A nice and pleasant Pinot, I feel its a bit young still but this is the problem with much of the new world wines. Europe will hang on to them and age before release, where most NW are just straight to market without allowing further either barrel or bottle maturation.
Lots of subtle sweet red fruit, cranberries and raspberries made with elegance. The tannins are decent and creates a lovely smooth slight savoury and dry finish. I really like it .


The 2013 version of this is my choice tonight along with some Comte cheese that I’m sneeking down, late on. I love the promise of Spring but, gosh, I love the taste of autumn.
Can I also add my thanks to the many for our Community reps participating in the wine briefing - such greatly evocative and tempting descriptions… my basket is brimming with the new stuff, but on hold for the Easter hols (so I can affford them). Roll on May…


Wine Thursday is a drop I picked up last week based on reputation of the producers other wines

Enjoying it so far, suspect it’ll hold out well for another glass tomorrow


The other half decided not to drink tonight, so I took the opportunity to open something I know she doesn’t like. She can’t remember if she described it as the ‘cheese’ wine, the ‘vinegar’ wine or the ‘sock’ wine, but I still remember how she physically recoiled from the glass when I poured her one last year.

I really like it. I still think there’s something in the nose that reminds me of the pink-coloured sherbet dib-dabs of my childhood. And yes, there’s something balsamic in there but nothing that’s gonna knock it out of balance here, not for me anyway.

To be fair, I can see how it’s not to everyone’s tastes, but if this is what I get to drink when the other adult in the house is having a night off, we both win - for different reasons.


:wine_glass: :milk_glass:

Easter drinking: weekend drinking thread (30th March)

OMG!! I love this wine !! I hear whispers & myths that not everyone does … but surely that’s just a fairytale ? :pray::thinking:


I forgive her … … this time.

But if she starts slating the Kooyongs, or the Barthods, or that Batailley in the corner…

“We need to talk…”


Haha… try her with a Kooyong beuurot Pinot Gris ! My absolute favourite NW one !


That’s one I keep meaning to try! I was very impressed with their Clonale chardonnay when I tried it a few years ago, and the pinots are pure class…


I’m with mrs @Herbster on this one.

You guys can have as much brett and VA as you want but I will join in when you crack the Kooyongs.