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Wine Wednesday [25 April 2018]



Come on then, what are you all opening tonight?! :smile:

We’re having pesto pasta so I’m probably going to grab a bottle of this from the Showroom:

Thirsty Thursday 26th April 2018

Ooh very nice.

Tonight is salmon fishcake for me and a cremant, Chablis or Sancerre would probably be the perfect match.

However, I probably won’t open anything until after dinner as it’s looking to be (w)rum Wednesday for me, I’ve got a new bottle of rum arriving that I tried many years ago and want to try again to see if it lives up to fond memories.


We’re having … sausages!

This particular Portuguese bargain is a beaut with bangers & mash.


Our blind-tasting wine Wednesday took place on Tuesday this week. The theme was Spain/Portugal.

We had:

  1. A Xarel.lo whose producer I forget (predictably very baked apples)


Really enjoyed this - incredibly long finish. Not super complex on the palate but very food friendly.

The fleshiness of this gave it away as a Portuguese rather than Rias Baixas Alv/barin(h)o. The typical stone fruit plus lots of pineapple. Very nice as an aperitif, but not much of the spritziness that I normally like with VV.

Textbook Mencia on the nose. Lovely. Palate was a bit too chocolatey for me but still enjoyable.

Really nice, though obviously very young. Tannins are still quite rough, and it doesn’t smell quite like an old man’s library yet.

I took this for lack of anything else to hand. Still very closed, despite an eight hour decant. Alcohol bomb.

Edit: I just re-tried this, and it’s nicer than I remember. Brambles and bitter almond on the nose then lots of red fruit and minerality on the palate. Nice acidity.


I had put my last bottle of the Mori Ezerjo in the fridge, a fatal mistake for the plan I had last week. Opened it yesterday without thinking, we had it with smoked mackerel, new potatoes and red cabbage coleslaw (inspired in part by @szaki1974’s meal last week). Delicious! We’ll be finishing the wine tonight probably before dinner, but maybe with an aubergine Thai red curry I’ve got planned.


I’m wondering when this will be back in stock…:thinking:


My weekend was heavy with wine and cocktails so I’m saving myself for #thirstythursday instead. I’ll likely start a thread at 6am tomorrow…:joy::joy:


No drinking for us until Saturday now- but we did drink yesterday in one of our favourite Lewes pubs. I had a very pleasant German Pinto Noir from Villa Wolf. Not sophisticated, and not a particularly long finish- but lovely aroma, good red fruit (especially strawberry and raspberry) on the palate, and went well with the steak. Hubby stuck to a Sussex Ale, as is his way :smiley:


Have just checked the system - answer is “not yet”. Sorry!


I was making pan fried pork chops yesterday and an Austrian Zweigelt got opened to support the process. It was light, fruity and very satisfying… so much so I had to put it out of reach and so it lived to see Wine Wednesday.


And it’s a very well deserved glass of this, if I may say so:

Incidentally, is 67 reviews a record for one vintage of one wine?


I’ve opened the DFJ Vinhos Gran D’Arte Alicante Bouschet, Estremadura 2006 - lovely and an inexpensive mid-week treat at £7.50!


Trying the new claret from Waitrose. Handy little Waitrose half bottle…not too bad


Still trying to kid myself that the sun is out and winter hasn’t returned

Surprisingly good with fish and chips of all things!


This did not last too long with our tuna and caponata pasta.
I was transported to a Trulli house near Alberobello, well, for an hour or so.


Well this food and wine match (vermentino and pesto pasta) is a TRIUMPH! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: It really made the broccoli sing, and the wine is a fragrant, super-drinkable delight!


I shall have to give it a go, @laura! Vermentino (specifically Vermentino di Gallura) was the wine that cemented my love affair with wine. It was the first time I realised that drinking wine mindfully was a completely different experience to simply sipping it whilst thinking about next week’s shopping. The gorgeous Sardinian coastal landscape sure helped too! :wink:


Oh gosh @Inbar I’d love to drink it “in situ” in Italy!! I bet it’s magical. :heart_eyes: Now I feel the need to book a trip…


Costa Smeralda is the place to be! a bottle of Vermentino and the sunset :ok_hand::blush:


Cracked this with duck breast, plums, asparagus and rosti’s. A real mid week treat!!:yum: