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Wine Wednesday [23rd May 2018]



It’s that time of the week again when a mid week tipple calls (obviously not at 9.30 am, but later :rofl:).
The OH surprised me by arriving home from offshore a few days early and making me reach for the tazer thinking I was being broken in to! Anyway , we have quite a bit of this, so will open a bottle tonight to go with … ?? (Food suggestions welcome :rofl:). What’s everyone else drinking tonight ?? Or is a dry one ?

(Ps: just joking about the tazer … it’s a baseball bat :rofl:)


I am yet to try this Gringan (I think quite a few people recommended it?)… so it’s moving swiftly into the wish list!
It’s a dry one for us tonight… which is OK, seeing as we drank rather a lot at the tasting event last night. Four people didn’t turn up, so there was much more wine than expected…! No complaints here.
Tomorrow, however we will continue the Italian theme, and open this one

… and I must say, I can’t wait!! It got such good reviews- curious to see what we make of it.
Weekend drinking is a bit hazy at the moment, as will be visiting family in Israel- and not sure what my sister will have in the house. But I like the not-knowing bit… exciting in itself! :wink:


Food. The Grignan looks interesting…not one I’ve tried…but it is unoaked. Therefore I would suggest something from the game range…pigeon breasts, duck, guinea fowl or partridge.


That Grignan is SUCH a good buy! :smiley: Agree with game as a foodie match, or just a simple plate of sausage and mash. It’s pretty food-friendly.

@Inbar I recently opened a bottle of this for the first time in ages, and it was verrrry easy-drinking. Let us know what you make of it!

I’ll be at the Wine Fair and as well as trying to chat to as many members as possible (and hopefully do some Instagram Live broadcasts) I’m looking forward to trying everything from Austria and Eastern Europe, (the full list of what’s being tasted is here) plus:

And the Riesling Grand Cru 2013 from Kuentz Bas. :heart_eyes:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hahahaha @tom, I have visions of you sitting at an office desk sipping on a Petrus :rofl:


It sounds like your day will be Epic @laura, I’ll keep an eye on Instagram :+1:


It’s a beautiful day in Brighton, and I’m counting down the minutes until I can get away from the desk and head to the garden with a glass of something delicious. That said, we’ve got a red and a white open from the weekend and neither are terrifically exciting: old reliable house white Sainsbury’s TTD Languedoc White, and a bottle of Tesco’s Finest Chilean Merlot (I had to spend a fiver to get free parking at my local Tesco). both are absolutely fine, but we’re not exactly talking Exhibition Limari Chardonnay here.

Hmmm. I’ve got 3 of those in the fridge. Can I justify opening one when we’ve already got a couple of bottles on the go? Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

As for the Grignan, @Leah - has the mist rolled away to leave you with blazing sunshine? If so, barbecue, burgers, bangers, sorted!


A resounding YES from this side of Brighton! :wink:


I don’t think you need much encouragement from us…:rofl: and as for the weather up here… well it’s 10 degrees and SHITE!!!


I am going to a BYO work dinner today and bringing these bottles…

In reverse order though…


:frowning_face: Come on North-East, sort your weather out! Here’s hoping it warms up for the bank holiday :+1:
In that case you could definitely do worse than @laura’s suggestion of a warming comfort food dinner of sausages and mash. Enjoy!


I’m cracking this tonight with Thai fish cakes, poached egg, rocket and sweet chilli sauce.
2016 vintage and very responsible mid week drinking at only 11%


As we’re a family of sun-dodgers in need of as much shade as possible, we’ve decided to replace the creaky old gazebo that was held together with gaffer tape with a BARZEBO! Yes, we’re that classy. It’s a garden gazebo with a built-in bar! Heck, it’s even got one of those things at the top for hanging wine glasses upside-down.

Still in the process of putting it together but the basic frame is there, along with the bar stools:

The work mostly involved using up an entire year’s worth of swear words over the course of an afternoon and an evening.

Today’s job for that tiny window of opportunity between the school runs is to complete as much of the actual bar as possible, so we can try it out after they’ve gone to bed:


We’ll see how it goes…


This looks fantastic!! What a great idea, @Herbster! Send us photos as the project is evolving… sans swear words, though :wink:

We’ve got one of the those in the kitchen now! They’re great, and minimise butter-finger related accidents… little luxuries make all the difference :clinking_glasses:


That might be the single greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I desperately want one of those now, along with someone to put it together :ok_hand:


Dry tonight and going to yoga
Last night had the remains of the boxed Cotes du Rhône. It lasted exactly a month and the last glass was just as enjoyable as the first with no sign of deterioration.

Also had a few glasses of this Soave.
It’s a regular of mine and never disappoints.

P.S drink sensibly :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hahahaha… laughed out load @JReed. :smile:


Bar is coming along nicely.

I ran out of swear words in the English language though - even got the badge…


…so had to switch to German. Verfluchte Scheisse.

Anyway, I think the neighbours were more concerned about my choice of accompanying music than the language employed.



Not Hocus Pocus!!! My other half uses this song as a torture tool. The yoddling breaks my will in 2 seconds flat. Incidentally, I heard him on Radio 2 very recently, yoddling his heart out. Man, he’s got some strange voice box!
My heart goes out to your neighbours!
On a more positive, and less warbling note, the bar looks awesome! Hope you get to enjoy it this very evening… :+1::star_struck: