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Wine Wednesday [21 March 2018]



I am likely to have a boxy midweek, rather than a weekend of drinking and thought I would start another midweek thread.

Started with lunch at Barrafina, where I have tried the following:

Marta Passio Rosé Reserva Brut 2014

Rose cava, very good indeed, perfectly complementing my ceviche style dish and fried seafood.

Alameda Oloroso Cream

Semi sweet, I almost say light. Matched my desert of leche frita very well.

Have a Benjamin Leroux lunch and some a capella drinking tomorrow night that I will also report here.


You’re living the dream @szaki1974, :clap:


Suffering from second hand flu… Been up and 24steps 8 times playing nurse to my wfe who is not a good patient.
The only wine open is a Montine Gourmandises…First glass very refreshing …it’s been open since Monday, capped by the metal foil capsule.


Won’t be drinking till Friday now… :frowning:
But can tell you that this lovely Gutedel (which we finished yesterday rather greedily)…

… went absolutely beautifully with scallops (which we also consumed rather greedily).
Light, crispy, with citrus on the nose and on the palate. Lovely! Need to try the real deal from Switzerland now (but oh, the price!!)


This is not every day… sadly :wink:


Wednesday wine is Coonawarra Cab Sav…

Very dark inky purple wine with cassis and cedar notes straight out of the bottle, develops into herbal/peppery aromas and softens over time. Full bodied, with good fruit character and some complexity. I have to say it’s great value at <£9.


Ouch…That’s quite steep but I bet it will be amazing…:}
Please do report back how it is.


This is all very tempting.

I’m trying to be a good boy and wait till tomorrow to pop corks, although my resolve was tested when I lacerated my finger this evening whilst play-fighting with The Boy. Whoever laid the carpet in his room a few years ago decided to booby-trap the threshold with teeny tiny hidden screws sticking upwards, point first - must only be a couple of millimetres, not enough to jut right out. He was lying on my hand and I pulled it away…guess his weight was enough to do it. :dizzy_face:

Now I fancy something…medicinal.


@Herbster, ouch!! Kids!! ITs all they’re fault! My 5 year old attempted to decapitate the 2 year old in her bedroom door this evening!! Fortunately he survived to live another day and unlucky for him he cant have wine to ease his nerves!! Medicinal?? Something strong!
Got any tannat in?


Well, I took it as an opportunity to teach him about coagulation, in real time. Why not. Plus, I managed to internalise the profanities for a change, so that was a bonus.

Oh no! I don’t know how ours still have a full complement of fingers, the way the bang doors shut willy-nilly…!

Sadly no, but this is at the back of the fridge and seems to have stayed half full no matter how many glasses I’ve poured over the last few weeks:

It’s 20%, so should help. :+1:


That surely has healing qualities. For me it is a night cap of Beaujolais Blanc from Henry Fessy…


Now that’s something I’ve never tried. Chardonnay, right? Or Aligoté…?

Would it be a bit like an unoaked Mâcon…? Must keep an eye out for one.


Montepulciano from a restaurant at St. Pancras.


Yes, s Chardonnay, unoaked. It is a 2014, started to develop some nutty flavours. A bit of a curiosity. It is very good actually.


Second and third glasses also up to the mark…must try when not so hassled.


Lunch today, opposite 67 Pall Mall…

This restores some faith In Burgundy, mind you the selection may well have been well curated. The Volnay and the Chassagne stand out.


Gosh! You really are living the good life @szaki1974!!

My lunch today consisted of porridge. Mind you, it had blueberries, walnuts and honey in it- but there was no wine to go with it!! I clearly I need a better job! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would not worry, pleasure derived from wine does not increase exponentially, or even linearly, by price. Also this kind of lunch is not even an annual occurrence…


I had a cheese salad sandwich (not even shop bought), washed down with some Chateau Water Cooler (think fresh, like a Muscadet but without the Mus or the cadet)…


That is what I normally have for a beverage. Food is more likely to be a home made stew.