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Wine Wednesday [20th June 2018]


Can’t believe this topic isn’t going yet? I’m sure I can’t be the only TWS member with a bottle open tonight! For me it is this…

Slight pettilance on the palate, zippy citrus from the Riesling and nice herbal character. Works on its own, but could easily pair with lighter summer bites.


I’ve had a couple of glasses of this tonight:

Very nice too. Citrus, apple, struck match, butterscotch, all without being overblown. And a relatively light 12.7%, so perfect for Wine Wednesday…


I was contemplating starting it, but then thought better. Only had a few glasses in a restaurant, but very nice ones for that matter.

Leitz Riesling 2017 very good
Cline Sonoma PN a bit thinner then what I am used to and love
Secateur SA Rhône blend satisfying


Enjoyed their ‘Cool Climate’ Syrah to some extent but we weren’t blown away by that either

No wine tonight. Work do with wine reception on Monday (nothing exciting) means I need a few days off!!


I wasn’t going to open anything but baby is due a week today so my wife suggested we celebrate.

Penultimate bottle of this lovely champers from TWS offer not too long ago:

A little past it but also delicious, buttery and rich.


Enjoy your last week or two of normality - Good Luck!
P.S. At least the little one’s birthday will be in summer and not in January like our daughter’s.


Trying out a few bargains picked up elsewhere:

Long, old school non-parkerised CNDP, savoury, fully mature but lots of miles on the clock yet, needs a decant but very good value. This is me dipping my toe into brokerage wine but bought out of bond and excellent condition - suspect it has been with one merchants bonded warehouse for the duration. Tons of this kind of stuff floating around.


@Jcbl have you found any brokers that you could recommend as being particularly good/reliable?



Shouldn’t have opened any wine on a Wednesday according to the new household rules … but it isn’t EVERY day that your wife’s book arrives in print

(She was General Editor as well as author of several chapters - very proud of her)

Not exactly going to be on the WH Smith’s Bestseller list but I image a lawyer or two might be interested:

So we had to open something special, and had a couple of glasses of this:

Before sharing some of the lovely Chilean Chardonnay with a mock-paella I put together


Congratulations to your wife, @robert_mcintosh! That is one fantastic achievement! :+1::+1: and looks like you celebrated in style, too :wink:


We had this last night

Last bottle of 3. Think I enjoyed it more in it’s youthful exuberance or maybe my tastes have changed :thinking:


So nice to see people drinking Champagne on a random Wednesday - it’s always nice to find an excuse! :smiley:

We had the 2016 vintage of this:

With some lovely seabass, cooked to perfection by Mr Laura. It was EPIC. And I don’t even like NZ sauvignon! We picked the 2016 up as a bin-end earlier in the year (think it was about £12.50) and so feel doubly chuffed we got such a bargain.


There was no drink on Wednesday (not one with alcohol in it, in any case), and there shall be none tonight either. Technically I’m not drinking till Saturday, but going to Ridgeview winery tomorrow - a last minutes sort of thing- so I’m unlikely to spit… at least not too much… does that count as drinking?! :thinking:
Been there once before, and was supposed to go with a friend this time, but she ain’t coming now- so it’s little me and all those vines… can’t wait! :star_struck:
PS- might try and drag the other half instead… though he can’t abide English wines… not enough to take time off work, at least! :wink:


Ridgeview is always worth it as you can do it at your own pace. Plus you can teach yourself to spot the difference between PN, PM and Chardonnay vines at 100 paces!

I’ve sort of lost contact with how Ridgeview’s wines are these days in comparison with the other big names, so an update would be interesting. I have a bit of a soft spot for them as they were the ones that alerted me to the potential of English sparklers.


Not particularly a point of reliability but L&W are certainly the most novice friendly online merchant offering a trading platform. A lot of stuff sells by the bottle making it affordable to try things, and there is no penalty for mixed and odd sized cases. It’s a bit hard to establish provenance and the condition reports are meaningless but I am working on the basis that if there is a tasting note/some form of copy accompanying the wine, it was probably bought from them in the first place and has been in vinotheque since. They also enforce a pricing bracket system apparently so everything is listed within a margin of its liv-ex price. So far so good.


I promise to report back! :+1:
I, too, have a soft spot for them, as they were the first English fizz I ever tried. And they are so local to me… it certainly adds a strange and irrational sense of loyalty!.. :grin:


Talking of English fizz, just received an email from another merchant pushing Nyetimber Demi Sec NV. I actually pounced… rare to see Demi sec on the market. Should have put this on the What is in your basket thread.

Drinking a beautiful glass of Austrian Riesling from Weingut Huber. :wink:


I bought some of this a couple of years ago and it has certainly needed keeping to help temper its high alcohol and tannin. TWS gave a drinking window to 2019 but it’s from a good vintage and still appears to have long legs. It’s sitting in a decanter to calm it further. Certainly smells good. Some Comte, a Suffolk equivalent of Epoisse and Stichelton from Welbeck Abbey to go with it. It’s ladies’ book club tonight so maybe some footie on the telly for me.
A snort of Limari Chardonnay as the long shadows develop and Suffolk day regresses.