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Wine Wednesday [18 April 2018]



Thinking about opening this tonight… kind of hoping its not any good as there’s none left in stock :rofl:


I had some of that last year, @Leah! It was nice but not my favourite English white by a long margin. But still enjoyable!

We’re probably going to finish off this, which we opened for World Malbec Day:

We enjoyed sipping and savouring it last night but reckon it would go particularly well with food - any suggestions for what we should have for dinner with this?


I received this from my brother in law a couple of weeks ago, and am planning to have a glass this evening. It’s probably past-it, but you never know!


Doing our weekly blind tasting. This week’s theme is Austria and Germany… I’m sneaking in this, which isn’t technically from Austria, but is pretty damn close (geographically, historically and stylistically).


We opened a Champagne last night to celebrate my birthday (alas! not TWS… didn’t organise an order on time). It was delicious- full in the mouth, with fresh citrus notes and a lovely yeasty nose:

And finished the evening with a delectable (though probably coming to the end of its life) Château Filhot 1998 Gold Reserve Sauternes, which went down really well with some gorgonzola.
No drinking now till Saturday… :persevere:


We loved this wine! Had it with a wild boar goulash and it was just heavenly. Not too heavy, but good fruit flavour, and very nice perfume of violets and ripe red fruit on the nose. Hope you enjoy it! :smiley:


@mooble , this is currently in my basket :+1:


I think I need to see if I can create an alternative reaction for the community - so that instead of :heart: (liking) these posts we can say :page_with_curl: (added to wishlist) or :pound: / :shopping_cart:(added to basket)


I’ve added this wine to my :page_with_curl: wishlist too!


I have a bottle of 1996 Filhot somewhere that’s just been lying around for too long. It might be past it, I should open next time I see it.


Yes, probably worth opening it, though sounds like you have to arrange a search party first! :wink:
The 1998 was lovely- don’t get me wrong- still had a honeyed nose and pleasant orange peel/marmalade flavour. But it lacked something… hard to tell what- perhaps wasn’t as balanced acidity/sweetness-wise. Still, a thoroughly enjoyable dessert wine, especially for a mid-week treat!


A glass of this went very well with beef porkolt (goulash for non Hungarians…)

Sadly only one bottle left… :frowning:


It’s 25oC and it’s nearly 6pm. The sun is roasting as it crosses the yard arm. I’ve cut the lawn, planted out a number of Mediterranean memories, done my 10,000 steps and decided that this can be the only next thing to occupy my thoughts. Yes… a rose…
When your mind empties itself of the days graft (even when you are on holidays, of course), gets consumed in the moment of the taste of the wine, the anchovy stuffed olives, your face getting the heat of the lowering sun, there can be only one meal that’s going to have to be made… Salade Nicoise.

I’m sure I can hear cicadas…


This is the kind of glorious day that makes me miss hazy afternoons in Bonn, in the beer garden by the Rhine, watching the world float by with good friends. In which case, for me it has to be Weizen:


Oops, now I’m 23 again.


I was a bit worried when the cork popped out - distinct mould smell. Luckily, that’s where it stopped. Baked apple, round and delicious, tastes fresh still and went great with pineapple chicken. Should have got more.


Oh wow, you’ve tried this, its in my wish list at the moment. Glad to hear its still going strong :+1:


This has been on my wishlist for ages! Really need to actually buy it now…!


This for dinner to accompany a smoked fish gratin. Heaven.


You are probably the only member of the community who has any of this left … and we’re all envious :grimacing:


Haha! I’ve still got one bottle left, I’m determined to keep it until @szaki1974 has finished taunting everyone with his so I can give him a taste of his own medicine!


PLEASE DO IT …(then we’ll all secretly hate you !) :rofl::rofl: