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Wine Wednesday [16 May 2018]



I have just received an email about an interesting Cabernet Sauvignon from California, I suspect the price will put me off buying…

As to Wednesday drinking the following wines are on the cards (one of the two):


Ooh such exciting choices! Very interested to hear how they’re drinking.


I like the look of the Condrieu, @szaki1974 ! It’s still on my ‘to try’ list… Maybe with the next order.
It’s a dry Wednesday for us, but we did open a lovely Zibibbo yesterday. I haven’t had a Zibibbo for a while, so it was a nice reminder that it’s a perfect summer wine! This one was:

Recommended if you’re into Muscat. Lovely floral nose, and a beautiful zesty and dry finish. Now, where is that sun?! :thinking: :sun_with_face:


It is actually a sweet Condrieu… so completely uncharted territory for me, too.


Wednesdays are HARD for me as I don’t drink (or eat, in the main) and you guys insist on sharing photos of delicious bottles!!!


Ah! well, do report back from the field! :+1:


San Miguel 0% at best or Pepsi Max :crazy_face: #alcoholfreefortnight #iknowitsgoodformebut


neither work for me sadly as this is a ‘fast’ day (not feeling very fast!) so need to avoid all those chemicals as well as sugars and calories.

Tea (no sugar) is OK, and sparkling water for me!!


Don’t worry @robert_mcintosh, I’m in your camp today as well , dry day and very low calorie day :confused:#boring


Ooh that’s a very strict low day regime @robert_mcintosh I do resort to Pepsimax on my low days - quite good at conning me into thinking I’m full! I get so bored with water, though do love a cup of tea (never any milk or sugar) as long as it’s not builders which makes me feel sick.


I rarely drink at home midweek, but then I see the Wine Wednesday thread and think “well if everyone else is”… But I will remain strong and open something nice at the weekend instead

Really interested in this. I’m not a huge fan of Condrieu (bit too floral for me) but it does sound quirky


Half of this last night, the other half tonight probably:


One of a growing number of ‘wines I enjoy that the Society used to stock but doesn’t anymore’. At some point I’ll be able to make a mixed case out of them.


It’s a fasting day for me too.
I’m away for a few days from tomorrow so no wine till Sunday


If anything, it will be a damson gin. Possibly a whisky. Not wine though, as I won’t drink Thurs or Fri and wouldn’t want to waste the remainder of the bottle.


Opening this shortly, to accompany a selection of dishes from the M&S Chinese “Takeaway” range.

I have been enjoying a number of different Riesling wines recently, I had this last night, and have some more being delivered on Thursday, I love it.


During the warm weather earlier this week I put a bottle of this in the fridge in anticpiation of Wine Wednesday being spent sat in the garden with the BBQ going…

However, today I come home to find the patio furniture blowing across the garden and it’s 10C outside :scream:

Opened it anway and it’s eminently quaffable :smile: Crisp lemon and apple aromas and palate, with a delicate fizz and snappy acidity - like a fizzy Granny Smith in a glass, delicious!


It’s just great, isn’t it! I may be easing up on my spending, but I’m definitely getting some more of these. You couldn’t ask for any more for seven quid.


It is indeed. Cremant de Loire is my default summer fizz, but we usually stock up when we’re in France at about 5-6 Euros a bottle. Until we go over in August I think the Hortas will be the house summer bubbly :smile:

I think it was you that put me onto this one, cheers :+1:


It been a hard day(not really) so why not. Brought this a while back and it’s been wait and calling me .

It is a gem. Very cab/merlot fruit, but soft and long tannins with a great acidic length. Would be great to wait more and see it age, but its all gone.


Arbaude Mas de Cadenet 2017 standing up manfully to Center Parcs’ attempt at oriental food (not bad but pretty heavy on the honey and soy - and give the sweet and sour a miss). I think I’ve said it before but this is cracking Provençal rose, on the crisper end but with a fruity zing that cuts through anything. Great take-me-anywhere food wine.