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Wine Wednesday [14 March 2018]



It is not quite last weekend and nor is it quite next weekend… I was wondering if anyone else was enjoying a bit of wine tonight…

I opened this while cooking some pork chops in anticipation of matching tomorrow, too yummy

Also had a sneak (Coravin) preview of this:

The Chambolle Musigny style seems to suit me…

Weekend Drinking Thread [17 Mar]

Wine Wednesday for us usually means a glass of sherry and finishing off any wine we failed to finish at the weekend. We look forward to it after two alcohol free days.


I popped into Waitrose on the way back from work and picked up a bottle. Had a couple of glasses this eve…Claret Wednesdays from now on! Don’t ask me what wine it is. One of the satellite Saint Emillion appellations - 2016. Not a bad drop for midweek.


Yes, I was looking forward to this, too. It is tricky when you frequent this site… too much inspiration.


I’m sorry, what??


That’s one hell of a midweek tipple @szaki1974 !


Am just about to open a Kung fu girl :wink:, just a little glass I might add :+1:


Ha, ha! Yes I’m afraid we are lightweights. Or maybe we just open more bottles than you :crazy_face:


This is my Burgundy week,to put me in the right mindset for completing my order.


Haha , I like your thinking :+1:


I’m torturing myself watching a wine podcast but no wine myself. Sunday to thursday I’m a monk and listening to exsquisite sounding italian whites is like self flagellation. It makes your first glass of the week taste better…errr honest!

I may have to trawl back to the italian whites thread.

@szaki1974 your tasting notes on the C-M? Glad you bought it?

The gf and i loved the kolonics…thanks for the tip!


I am not great at notes… It is a great wine, just what you expect from your Burgundy 1er Cru… saying that it is a little austere, which might not rock everyone’s boat. I am a fan.


Do you mean structured? Either way…chapeau for a champion humpday choice!


I’ve had quite an unordinarily booze-filled Wednesday after a beer tasting at work then into London for a friend’s birthday which started with a bottle of sparkling Pinot Noir rosé between two in Slug and Lettuce and then 3 bottles of Gargenega between 3 (it sounds better than a bottle each that way, I think/hope) at Concrete in Shoreditch whilst partaking in a very niche Phoebe from Friends themed pub quiz! Not my most sophisticated night of drinking but a lot of fun!


Liberator Trample Dance last night on what was supposed to be a dry mid-week… :roll_eyes:

A little more austere than I was expecting from reviews but it was straight out of the fridge. Will really ruin my dry week and revisit the bottle tonight.


That is the exact word I was looking for :wink:

To be fair I did not give it enough time to air… maybe when I open the bottle at the weekend. The Kolonics went so well with the cooking that I need to find something else to pair with roast pork…


I poured so much white into Tuesday’s night’s risotto that it must surely have counted as mid-week drinking.


May well have done - check out an older thread on this: Cooking with wine (and other alcohol) - a quiz


Yeah, I only found this out relatively recently. I’d always previously assumed it’d all cook off pronto but no.

Frankly, I could chuck half a bottle of brandy into whatever I cook for the kids because they never bloody eat what I put in front of them anyway…!


In our household it would be a bit of Russian Roulette… same dish one day they would not touch with a ten foot pole and I get the looks as if I was trying to force feed them sick… the next day they stuff their content happy little faces as if there was no tomorrow