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Wine Wednesday (13th June 2018)


I’m missing out on the BBQ do,this week, but I have a reasonable excuse in that I have no BBQ because I’m in Nice, enjoying an early Summer break.

We’ve had plenty of Rose wines, all CdProvence, naturellement. They have accompanied, pre-dinner nibbles, Pizza, Soupe de Poisson, even Tartare de Boeuf… what are you slurping tonight?
Our wine this evening is, yes, you guessed it, a Rose, this time from St Tropez.


That’s a heavenly view!


Across the Promenade des Etats Uni to the Baie des Anges. Fab walking straight out the back door and into the Cours Saleya.


Planning to open the Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh I mentioned in this topic…


Isn’t it weird- I grew up in Israel, near the Med with views not unlike these. Gorgeous! Yet I hated these throughout my adolescence and young adulthood, preferring cold, snowy, northern European landscapes- the colder the better… And oh! how I hated palm trees!
Now, that my mid-life is here, and my bones are a little less assured of themselves- I feel I crave these sort of lanscapes again… hot, sunny, with predictable warm weather and plenty of palm trees!..
Life is strange!


“Like ‘em all”, I say - deserts, snow, bush, jungle, beach, flat, hilly, mountainous, hot, cold, humid and dry… bring them on. Variety, like in wine, is the spice of life.


Oh, no. I’ll stop at ‘flat’.
I’m hard to please on the landscape front :wink:


Oh… I love palm tress. It eans I am somewhere warm.

I hate the cold. It only starts to get warm at 28C as far as I am concerned.


To answer Wine Wednesday 13 June question

tonight we trying a wine to see it it’s suitable for an upcoming tasting I’m presentingso to accompany a vegatable curry I am just about to start making we are having


We’re in Fiskardo, northern Kefalonia, where the island wines are either cheap or expensive, for example Gentilini Notes 2017 60% agiorgitiko, 40% mavrodaphne, €14. Nice wine but overpriced and not much better then the co-op red at a third of the price. Good view from the apartment though.


Wow, that’s beautiful @Richard, have a great time even with the overpriced wine :wink:.


When I was there we found the slightly better than basic Robola was pretty good. The expensive stuff wasn’t much better as you say