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Wine Wednesday [11 April 2018]



Anyone planning on opening a bottle tonight? :smiley:

I am, and it’s one I’ve been waiting for a looong time. Back in December, @danchaq recommended this Muscat with asparagus:

And tonight Mr Laura and I are having it with a simple griddled asparagus salad with a little feta and other leafy greens! :smiley: We also have a cheese quiche to go with it too which I think will be a lovely match.

How about you guys? :wine_glass:

Wine Wednesday- 11th April
Your ultimate spring recipes (and wine matches!)

Sounds lovely, @laura! :blush:
I’m going to open six bottles tonight!.. Well, sort of. Going to a tasting session in one of our better wine shops in Brighton, as part of the Brighton Wine Festival. On the menu six Austrian wines, so I’m really looking forward, as I love wines from this part of the world!
I noticed that one of the reds we’ll be tasting is also sold by TWS, so if I like it will add it to a future order:

I’m still fighting off a cold so fingers crossed I’ll be able to smell and taste something:crossed_fingers:


I’ll be doing something similar, though just with a few friends. Our theme is Italy, and I’ll be taking this, which I’m excited to try

We generally taste blind, though don’t take it too seriously. For some reason, I think everyone else has decided to take white, so I may finally get to try the bound-to-disappoint Pecorino!


#superjealous - have a fantastic time!


For me it will be this, as pledged to minimise wine consumption till 27 April… with a shot of sparkling water and a trickle of lime juice.

Or maybe sin and Coravin another glass of this. Port (not vintage port mind you) and Coravin is a match made in heaven. I wish sherry came with traditional corks…


Thanks @Bargainbob! :wink: shall report back…
Hope your wife is doing well :+1:


Most likely it will be this one for me…


She’s doing as well as can be expected, thanks. At this stage there are lots of little aches and pains, she can’t do very much before she gets exhausted, and can’t get a good night’s sleep. Aside from that, all is well!

I think this may well be our last child :grinning:


We had this one over Christmas, gorgeous stuff, didn’t know they still had any :+1:

Good plan. Beware of just one more! We wanted ‘just one more’ but she decided to clone herself in utero.

Just change the hair to bright ginger and the rest is uncanny:


I always like to warn people about just one more…


I’m sure having twins is, in many ways, absolutely fantastic and joyous and you wouldn’t want things any other way…

The thought of committing to a 3rd child only to find you’re having 4 (or more) totally scares me to death though :scream:


You’ve hit the nail on the head! Ours are the third and fourth and it’s simultaneously wonderful, knackering and utterly hair-raising :crazy_face:

I’ll never forget the day we had that scan… :grimacing:


All the more reason to indulge in good wine, I guess! :fearful::wine_glass: you can always tell yourself you deserve it!
I got no excuse with only one teenager to keep in check!! :flushed:


Speaking of which, I’ve just this second discovered that my Hardy’s Crest Shiraz is much, much better if combined with a large mouthful of Asda Deep & Mellow Medium Cheddar, so that’s a result of sorts…!


Do report back @laura I have a bottle in my rack purchased a month or so ago in anticipation of asparagus season.

My participation in wine Wednesday tonight is by attending a tasting of 20th Century Clarets and is well beyond my normal drinking opportunities

1999 Ch Gruaud-Larose (St Julien) 1999 Ch Beauregard (Pomerol)

1998 Ch Cos d’Estournel (St Estephe) 1998 Ch Pichon lalande (Pauillac)

1997 Ch Léoville-Poyferré (St Julien) 1996 Ch Haut-Bailly (if 23 or more)

1990 Ch Léoville-Barton (St Julien) 1983 Ch Léoville-Lascases (St Julien)

1979 Ch Latour (Pauillac)


Oh wow, that sounds stunning, especially:


“Hardy’s Crest Shiraz”
“Medium Cheddar”

Is this the rare situation that two wrongs actually do make a right?!


Fight fire with fire, I say.


Well I think @danchaq and @Herbster have neatly covered off the sublime and the ridiculous for us this Wednesday. Come back next week, when someone will be pairing a bottle of Lambrini with some Wotsits, and someone else will crack open a bottle of Romanee-Conti.


We had a rather brilliant Instagram tag last week of a member pairing a Loire chenin with some Walkers Cheese & Onion! :joy: It got us chatting about wine and crisp matching in the office earlier today… pinotage and smoky bacon flavour, anyone? :rofl:

OOH! Report back, won’t you? :smiley:

Yep, you win Wine Wednesday. :+1:


Thankfully most of us reside somewhere in the middle!! :stuck_out_tongue: