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Wine wall

If you have the space for a decent wine wall, then I cant see the point in losing a study/playroom. Makes no sense to me re value of the house.

I will speak to someone else but he thought there would be an issue with the cooling unit and getting the extract valve (no idea on the correct term) outside because it was an internal wall. That said the room he suggested is a very decent size and so would be pretty special as a wine room. Either way I am interested to see what he comes back with but am already having doubts so likely won’t go ahead with his idea.

yes you do need to be able to run the air control unit ducting to the exterior, you still may be able to do that with some discrete boxing in but obviously depends on the location and how far the ducting needs to run to get to an outside wall.

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Hi Mike - couple of questions.

Where are you based (not exactly, just a general idea) - I know some very good joinery firms that DONT cost the earth.
Roughly, what dimensions?
Do you want it climate controlled? (temperature AND humidity) Or are you just interested in temp ? or not bothered?
The reason for all these questions is to get an idea about what’s involved. I do commercial interior design for a living you see. Be very wary of big named cellar companies, they will up-sell you mercilessly.


Also bear in mind that many/most aircon units will pump out a lot of warm air into whatever space is on the ‘warm’ side of your cellar wall. Aircon units also make a fair amount of noise (especially if room is poorly insulated), so think about how to deal with in terms of positioning the unit as it will drive you bonkers and alone with your wine :slight_smile:

I am based in Jersey. The wine wall area is about 2.75m w x 2.25m h x 0.55m deep. The room is pretty significant size. I’ve attached some shoddy photos

You might be able to see from the reflection in the mirrored doors the door to the outside (conservatory) is across the hall and we have the stairs there. I (without being an expert by any means) would have thought that it wouldn’t be too hard to go up into the ceiling and run it under the upstairs floorboards to the outside. In terms of temp control I just want the wine looked after so whatever is necessary which I thought would be the job lot. In terms of the space in between the ceiling and the upstairs floor. It looks like loads of room to me, another shoddy photo attached.

Jeeps! Jersey is somewhat outside of my area (shame) although I guess that opens you up to using a French contractor?

In theory you should be able to run an aircon extract through the ceiling void - depending which way the joists run - 180mm dia will cool an entire hotel room and you don’t need that much capacity.

My thinking is the wine wall is (relatively) small. Good insulation is essential here, walls, floor and especially ceiling, and sliding doors wont cut it, they simply don’t have the intrinsic insulation or air-tight sealing around the edges. Your problem is that without excellent insulation & sealing, an air-con unit will run 24/7 cooling the wine wall AND all the rooms around it!

Mr NXM’s cellar works because you can step into it, and the door is smallish. You have 550mm depth so cannot ‘walk in’. In conclusion - I’m not sure you can achieve a result based on the existing footprint.

Unless you utilize more of the room (playroom?) behind, and create a genuine wine room you can walk into. Then it’s easy! just get a friendly builder to create a WELL insulated wine room, with proper climate control, and some shelving.


Thanks very much very helpful. I was thinking 6 glass doors. It’s a solid wall at the back of the cupboard so I can’t go back into that room (the dining room). But the playroom is another possibility that like I say is a very decent sized room is a smallish door for an entrance so in terms of kitting out would be much, much easier but also is then taking over a room and is also maybe a bit more hidden away in a strange way.

Just one question no-one has asked yet, what are the kids going to do if you turn their playroom into a wine room ?


We recently bought a bunk bed so they are both in the same room now. That means the other bedroom can become the playroom. Trust me, the kids are doing alright!


Phew, because all you’d need is a flying buzz light year through the glass wall of your room … “ to infinity & beyond” quite literally :joy::joy:


To be honest the joke of it is they are not massive fans of playing in the playroom anyway. They like to take everything out of there and set up a Sylvanian families village (along with every Disney Princess and every other toy known to man) and play with it in the hall. Are all kids like this or is it just mine?


Not just yours. I spend most days utterly perplexed at my children’s actions. It’s like I’m in a constant state of culture shock :confounded:


Nope , mine move stuff incessantly, even things that aren’t theirs . I once found a drill (with no battery attached phew) in my 5 year olds bed . He had rehomed it from the garage … he’s been banned unsupervised ever since :see_no_evil:


Black & Decker? Makita?

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Yes :raised_hands:

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I was advised by two estate agents (one’s who I trust!) that having a cellar adds only a small amount, if anything! what it does do is increase the saleability of the property


nope…every single one of them

My boy has a playroom…my lounge has a playroom annexe in it ! as does the kitchen and the dinging room…

It’s the daily reset at 8pm where we trapse everything back to the playroom… urrgh

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