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Wine wall

Hi all,
I am hoping to enlist your help. We have some mirrored doors in our hallway which conceal some built in cupboarding. They have been in since we bought the house. Unfortunately due to children messing around with them (and my shoddy job at replacing handles) there are a number of cracks in the mirrors now.

In light of this and my wife’s wish to replace the doors I took the opportunity to suggest replacing the cupboards with a wine wall. A suggestion which much to my delight was accepted!!!

I now have to have a look at what I want and get some quotes. Does anyone have any experience of getting one (or a built in wine cellar) and have any suggestions of suppliers or just tips in general.

Any help would be much appreciated.




I have heard good things about Tanglewood on another forum. Bit out of my price range sadly!


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Thanks have given them an email

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How about just stacking TWS boxes until the required height x width is achieved - much cheaper than the admittedly gorgeous, but very highly priced wine walls etc from Tanglewood.

Just a thought… :wink:


This is my conundrum. Spend the money on a wine wall or spend it on wine…

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You dont need to use specialist wine room designers. In my experience they cost a fortune and you can do it all with a decent set of contractors.

All you need is a good chippy to build the racks. A glass door company to provide the wall and finally an air con expert to install a system to regulate temperature and humidity. None of that is rocket science and I found it a lot cheaper than going to the specialists.

I didn’t need specialist to design the racking. I knew what I wanted so the builder/chippy sketched the design and built it.


Would love to see a photo and equally get an understanding of costs.

Sounds a great idea and inspiration to us all,


would echo this

Before putting in the spiral cellar I looked at making a wine room in a 2m x 1m alcove in the kitchen.

Key parts:
temp/humidyty unit - these can be bought off the shelf and as long as you get one sized to the volume of the wine wall it will be fine (need an outside wall ideally)
UV blocking glass - you can get this from glazing companies or you can use a film

let us know the outcome and pics of the final masterpiece

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I hope @MrNXM doesn’t mind me re-sharing this but he has shown a picture of his cellar before

I am very encouraged that you managed to produce that independently. I would be interested in costs but also completely understand if you consider that too private

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Drafts and proximity to radiators would be my concern. Otherwise just wood/metal racks. Wine should be looked at and admired! Don’t hide it!


Cost is difficult as it was all wrapped up as part of a bigger contract for building works to the whole house.

What I can tell you is that I went to 2 or 3 of the specialist wine room companies and they were quoting somewhere around 15k just for the racking including installation, never mind the glass and supply and fit of air control system.

That’s when I realised that they were taking the piss.


Yes I just got an email from Spiral cellars telling me that they can come in and prepare some detailed designs (designs only) for something between £5k -£15k. Think I will look elsewhere


it really doesn’t need a specialist company charging you a premium if you’re using an existing wall. there is no magic.

carpentry, glass wall/door, air control system.

oh, and make sure you get a door with a lock!! don’t need the kids helping themselves when you are out!!


Yes! My 9-year old is already asking about her birth year wines! She’s a bit unfortunate (2011) compared to her brother (2015), but there are a few bits and pieces tucked away. A both worrying and encouraging level of interest for an under 10. I’ll start needing to be careful with the keys to the caves before too much longer.


A great year for Vintage Port. My grandson was born that year and I bought EP for him. I am keeping the boxes in my cellar to prevent his parents who love port from drinking it :slight_smile:


Yes, I came to EP buying awareness too late to pick up a case at the time, will be keeping an eye out for some general release offers.

Did you see the article in November’s issue of ‘Decanter’ - might give you some ideas

If you haven’t, message me and can send some ‘research notes’ over

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I didn’t was it in the paper version as I have a friend locally who is a subscriber and I am sure he would be happy to share. I had Sorrels round today. They are very keen on upselling me into turning the kids playroom into a wine room. I’m not totally sold from a house value point of view. Wine room Vs Study/playroom?

it was in the mag…there was a small piece online.

unless it was converting bedroom 7 into wine room I would share your view…hence why I went with a cellar …a brand new room!

You need a kitchen. Beyond that get rid of everything else and convert the whole ground floor into a massive wine room.