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Wine unites for Ukraine - auction

Charity auction for Ukraine arranged by Sarah Abbott MW, Tim Atkin MW, Madeleine Waters & Celia Bryan-Brown.

Begins 09:00 on 1st April. Check out those lots and put some of that frenzied, unstoppable wine buying passion to exceedingly good use.


Excellent initiative. I am currently in the Netherlands with a 17yo Ukrainian refugee waiting until our world-beating government finally decides about his visum which he had to apply for in person in Amsterdam. He will then stay in our house for the foreseeable future. The boy has been in Amsterdam since 20th March, only got the visa appointment on the 24th.

Mrs Jos and I will also host a 23yo female refugee, who could apply online. Also waiting for her visum, already for more than a week… She is still in the war-zone in Ukraine.

For this reason I have also not made many contributions to this forum recently.


Auction now open. Some stunning lots on offer (2 magnums of Le Pin form the estate, with tour and tasting anyone?)


Opening bid of £10k. Halve it with you? We’d need to wine the accommodation/meal at Pichon Baron too, so we have somewhere to stay.

I’ve bid on a few things already and will have another look closer to the end of the auction.


I got a separate email from Blackbook about their lot.


You might recognise the name of the current highest bidder on that one.


The good news is I’ve already been outbid on everything.


Yes it looks very nice. The library release from Black Chalk also. Might need to consult with MrsB when home from work to ensure any successful bids are allocated to the entertainment / charitable giving budget rather than wine.


He did, then immediately resolved to out-bid you :scream:


Literally 30 seconds after I sent that message three of the things I was in the lead on were stollen from me!

One of these I am very grateful for as it was a stupid bid for something I can’t afford (no, not the Le Pin, I do almost wonder if we should start a community Le Pin syndicate though).

I woild never have known about this without you posting. Thank you.

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I got outbid on several things about 3 seconds before the end and came out empty handed.


My bank balance is pretty grateful as I’d gotten a bit trigger happy and nearly won the two bottles of Chave, which I can’t afford!


Would have happily helped you consume them had you been successful :joy:!


Another week on and still stuck in the Netherlands with a 17yo vulnerable refugee waiting for his visum. The UK Government says they streamlined the process for those with passports. Well no sign of that either as the 23yo with passport is also still waiting for her visum. I will not express in words what I think of our world-beating government.


The situation may also affect my enjoyment of wine. I treated myself to a 2017 Chateau Potensac, Medoc and a 2018 South African Groot Constantia shiraz, bought in the leading Dutch wine chain shop. Both were meh… I have a case of 2017 Potensac and will not touch it for quite a while.


I’m sure you’d not be alone in these thoughts.


My words would probably get me kicked off this community .


The UK, along with many other countries, including France, Germany, and Switzerland, has outsourced its visa processing to a company called TLScontact. I recently dealt with them when trying to get a Schengen visa, and I can honestly say they are one of the worst companies I’ve ever dealt with. I feel terribly sorry for Ukrainians having to deal with this inept company, and am also shocked that the UK and other countries should use them. (You can read what others think by looking at TLScontact in Wandsworth on google maps and reading the reviews.) I’m just about to go to court to recover my promised refund from them.

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Well, I used some fruity language on this community on the night of the last election, shortly after the first few declarations, and I’m still here :sweat_smile: