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Wine to match Vietnamese food?


Tonight I have a couple of friends over for dinner. I’m making some spicy turkey gyoza with a Vietnamese salad. Lots and lots of fresh ingredients with spicy dips and dressing for the salad. Wine wise what would you recommend? I was thinking maybe a light rose or I have this which may work?


oh, that’s like Hugel Gentil?


Almost… Gentil MUST contain a min 50% “noble” grapes , Muscat, Riesling, Pinot Gris &/or Gewürztraminer, the remainder can be comprised of lesser grapes … chasselas etc… grapes must also be Vinified separately.
Edelzwicker can be a blend of ANY white grapes approved for the AOC, can also be vinified together .:+1:


This is basically Hugel Gentil:


I would recommend a nice Pinot Blanc, or an Austrian Gruner Veltliner- which is zingy and limey and should go nicely with the fresh ingredients.

My current Pinot Blanc favourite from TWS is Trimbach:

And for Gruner Veltliner, I love the RABL’s (not SW, unfortunately- got it in M&S recently), though I bet the Society’s GV is just as good.

All this talk is making me hungry (not to mention, thirsty!) :wink:


I think the acidity would be too high in the Gruner and would increase the heat of the chilli, fine for me but not sure my guests would handle it :joy:…! Pinot Blanc is a possibility though :+1:


Alsace blend or Pinot Blanc sounds nice. Clare Valley Aussie Riesling might work too?


I think you are on the right track with aromatic whites. I eat a lot of oriental food and invariably drink German, Alsace or Austrian style whites. If there is a sweet chilli element off dry Rieslings are good. Dry Muscat is good with less hot dishes.

The Society’s Slovenian white would also work well.


Oooh I have that already chilled :+1: